SO what home machines do work

Hi there all,

Am truly sick of being hairy and would like to know what machines,gels,creams ,treatments and pills will work…get rid of my unwanted hair?

none of home machines really work for permanent removal, especially if you have more than a couple hairs.

It’s best if you visit a pro a couple times to see what it is all about. You can see what they use and and ask about other machines. There’s plenty of time to talk during a session. LIke myself and a couple others here, I’m getting my own machine to do very easy to reach areas, for my own knowledge and to cut some time off treatment time tables.

What machines do work? Apilus, Fischer, Silhouet, Instatron, the mainstays. look to spend $300 to $600 for a solid beginning galvanic/blend machine that will serve youwell for years. The better machines then run one to a couple thousand.

Follow ebay for a couple months to get an idea or better yet, call around to electrolysis clinics.


you would also need practice and training in order to do this yourself with a professional machine and not damage and scar your skin in the process.

Actually the One Touch does work for permanent removal. However it is cheaply made and the probe is very thick. But it’s only $20.

If you have basic construction skills, you can also assemble a very reliable home galvanic machine for about $60 (see ) using a pro probe. I’ve used both machines to remove several thousand hairs permanently.