So so tempting...yet still baffled

I just backread the remington thread and once again I find myself tempted.

I’m super excited to continue on my facial electrolysis, but I’d really like to get back into bikini lasering while in the polar eclipse. Over the weekend I saw yet another handheld device (bigger than no!no!, which I think is ridiculous) that claimed, with no asterisk or fine print “permanent results guaranteed”! I’m so incredibly tempted to try one since I don’t have time to do both laser and electro, but I’m still baffled at how anything that’s handheld can be anywhere near as effective as the gentleLASE machine I was treated with that is about the same size as I am!

arg. Silk’n and Tria.

If you read my review you will see that it is factual as opposed to what I like to call “marketable”.

Go to and read the reviews there. You will notice that for the most part the negative reviews about the remington i-light pro are mostly just rants and illogical venting simply because these people REALLY didn’t take the time to read the instructions that are both online and in the box as well as the caveats of warnings saying how much it WON’T work if you have dark skin and light hair.

In my opinion, Remington really did a great job in telling it like it is to cover it’s ass and not make false claims. Sure the exaggerated claims are on the outside but the instruction manual is MUCH MORE factual and realistic about what you should expect.

Light skin + Dark hair + setting your expectations REASONABLY = success with this product.