So much information, so little brain cells...


New here but not new to reading the forum here. Have lurked for a couple of months off and on. I didn’t know where to put this as I didn’t see a general “introduce yourself” type thread/forum (or I’m blind- do have vision issues).
Right now I am musing between the two methods. Some things are factors though and am not sure what to do or where to turn.

  1. Past history I did have electrolysis under the chin(a patch dead center) back in the 1990s. Err… long story which I’d rather not explain here. Anyway- Was fine for many years until other events happened- Some hair grew back- not very dense so now I shave under the chin since it looks odd. My experience was that it took about 18 months I think (going from memory) and it was long & slow and quite painful(zzzzzap ow). Lucy Peters is where I went.
  2. I am in South Carolina right now. From what I’ve read elsewhere…it is not a regulated state for electrolysis- that alone made me want to run the other way.
  3. I tend to move around- I never know when I’ll move again lol. So I don’t know how this would affect my plan at all.
  4. I am interested in hair removal on the back/shoulders(first priority)- interestingly the back is only at the top and the far sides (!). Would love the chest hair either reduced or gone. Forearms also(hair seems to be lighter there).
  5. I also eventually want to have tattoos- just haven’t decided WHERE yet lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Travel- Really not sure. I do go down to Atlanta but not often enough- only maybe twice a year. Maybe Charlotte-but I can’t afford to take time off from work :frowning:

Whew… sorry this is so long but I have no idea where to start… just electrolysis, just laser, laser then electro… I do know I want something done…tired of the pimples/bumps popping out everywhere now & I can’t reach behind to shave the back (no matter what anyone says…“just dangle the electric razor!” Um. yeah.

I do enjoy reading many of the posts here and wish I could go to some of you (the pros)- y’all sound so wonderful.


A cliche, I know, but…we’ve come a long way, baby.

If you find an electrologist who keeps up-to-date with techniques and education, I think you will be happy with electrolysis. If you find a LHR tech who knows their range and is skilled, I think you will be happy with LHR. Electrolysis is safe to have over tattoos.

I’m sure you can find an electrologist in an unlicensed state, but be sure to check out several. The franchise you visited in the past might “still” be consistent with your prior experience, though…

Here’s some basic info about selecting a practitioner:

Wishing you the best!

Many thanks! That’s what I thought about tattoos- I’m considering getting one sooner than later- then I read the horror stories about LHR and tattoos… eek.

I suspect I COULD get away with electrolysis- hair is not as ‘dense’ like a carpet as I think it is (funny how we think one way when it really isn’t…)

I have a couple of possibilities for LHR-- if I can get ahold of them by phone…

I’m sure I’ll have more questions… :slight_smile:

To add a little more info regarding me and my ‘fur’

I do know that I am somewhere between a II and III- caucasian (scot/welsh/german(not a lot) heredity, as a kid I used to burn then tanned/browned for the rest of the summer during swim team season- yay for practice at 10 AM to noon!). These days I don’t get out much at all but interestingly, my forearms are a bit ‘browner’ than the rest of my body (making my scars whiter…:P)

As for Lucy Peters- I looked again on their site as I couldn’t remember- they’re only in NY, NJ and two locations in PA.

pics forthcoming once I figure how to get the back