So Many Questions Help!!!!!!!

Dear All

I am a 30 year old male that has mid-dark brown back hair and a very very light tan on my body. I have been having back waxes now for about 3 years and I am sick of it and I am contemplating laser hair removal/reduction. I have read the website hairfacts yet I am feeling a little more concerned with lots of questions. I would appreciate your comments or personal experiences guys (sorry girls unless you have back hair too).

  1. Which laser seems to be most effective on this area in your opinion?
  2. I know it’s not total hair removal permanently but does anyone have experience 12 months or more after starting treatment and can they describe their hair on their back now?
  3. Sounds like with time hair gets fine but just how noticeable is it?
  4. Should I just stick with waxing?
  5. How many return visits am I looking at for this?
  6. Do you think it was worth the effort and why?

Thanks for your help guys.


Go with the Lightsheer. I am very happy with the results. I have 90% hair reduction on my back with 50% after one treatment. My experience has been that if it doesn’t grow back in two months, it isn’t coming back. Whatever regrowth I have after 2 months remains stable after that.

The hair I have left is very fine and is difficult to see. I am undergoing Aurora IPL/RF treatments now because it supposedly works better on the fine hair that is left. Too soon to tell about long term results. If I find the results less than satisfactory I will go back to the Lightsheer with long pulse (100ms) at 50J. Buit so far so good with the Aurora, after two weeks most of the hair has fallen out of the treated area and there is minimal scabbing. The Aurora has a larger spot size than Lightsheer so treatment time is less per body part.

You will see the most dramatic results from Laser within the first 2-3 treatments, at least in my experience. The Lightsheer can also be used to treat ingrown hairs, Just tell the tech at your next treatment where they are and she can zap them. When you start laser treatments you will find ingrown hairs to be much less of a problem and shaving will be quicker with better results in between treatments.


Thanks RJC for your response. I was wondering though, stupid question possibly, but do the clinic shave your back with a razor and then electric shaver before they start the laser treatment??? Or are you expected to somehow do this yourself before you rock up?

Thanks again.

I agree with RJC. I think the Lightsheer is the best, but I’ve only tried the LightSheer and the Apogee (alexandrite). It will require a couple of treatments (~3-4) to get very good clearance of the hair, but you should notice a great difference after just one treatment. It is painful like waxing, but the regrowth is finer and ingrown hairs are not a problem like with waxing. Plus, the first hair loss lasts longer than waxing. The only drawback is that it’s expensive. Go someplace that offers a package deal.

Oh and I usually shave the morning or night before going. You can have them do it, but they usually charge you.

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Hey Stevo100,

I have had my back treated 8 times with the Candela Gentlelase. I am very impressed with the results. To give you an idea of how thick the growth was before, it was enough to feel through a shirt. Now, I can barely feel it with my shirt off. Yes, there is still some there, but it is probably only 15% of what I started with. The number of treatments will vary for each individual. I attribute my higher number to the fact that I didn’t have regular treatments at first. I had a tendency to crave the sun when I was hairfree for a couple of months. As far as the other posts recommending the Lightsheer, I would also agree with them. I went with the Gentlelase because of the price. Other than that, they are both very comparable in performance. I have also been treated with a long pulse YAG. I have not been able to judge the results as of yet because I just had the treatment. The reason I switched was based more on experimentation than anything. I had a bit of a tan at my last treatment and thought the YAG would be the safer bet. If your skin is light enough, I would strongly suggest going with the Lightsheer or the Gentlelase. You will probably see the best results with those lasers. Good luck!