So I've decided

Im going to go about electro. After doing some research, reading these boards (thanks to those who responded to my post on the laser boards), and asking many questions I think its the best option. I just had a few last questions before I actually go on and do it.

How long will a paractitioner usually work on you? I know I could stand up to five hours if they would offer me that.

How much does it usually cost on average? I’ve heard $60 an hour which isnt that bad, to $120 an hour which is kind of pricey for me.

How awful do you look afterwards and for how long? I have a vacation coming up and wanted to get the bulk of it done then. Y’know lock myself in my room with a bag of cookies until i look like me again type of deal.

I guess those are my major concerns. Thanks for any help you guys can give.

If you are doing your face and have androgeinduced facial hair, plan on a commitment.

Five hours of electrolysis is a very long time. My record was six, and it about killed me. Most will do a couple of hours, but too much can be hard on your skin.

$1 to $2 a minute is not uncommon, but you might be able to buy a block of time in advance and save.

How you look will depend on your skin sensitivity. You may be red for 3 to 48 hours, with little red welts that usually disappear. There are tips for reducing side effects here and on hairfacts.