so, do i shave now or what?

just had underarms lasered yesterday. yes, i am aware that it takes time. however, i have stubble today and just want to know if it’s okay to shave it.

also, they told me to exfoliate starting in a day or so. is the exfoliant i use on my face (neutrogena deep clean) okay to use for my underarm?

thanks in advance.

I would say those hair will fall out in one day or two. You don’t really need to do much about it.

Holles: it takes approximately 1-2 weeks for the treated hairs to work their way out of the follicle, so just shave on a daily basis for now. An exfoliant is not necessary - shaving is an exfoliating process in itself, and you don’t want to irritate the skin any more than necessary. patience, grasshopper - this is an incremental process. :wink: