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Hi, i just found this site. I am in desperate need of help and am so happy i found this place. i am a little shy talking about my problems. ok, here it goes. I’m a 23 year old female and have hair on my chin, neck (beard), upper lip and sideburns. i’ve been shaving for years. This has affected my life big time and sometimes, i don’t want to live at all if i have to look like this. I have absolutley NO selfconfidence at all. i do have some good days, but the majority are really bad. I have tried electolysis (sp?) but there is too much hair to do that. I have had about 3 laser hair treatments w/ no results at all (i believe it was the Epilight treatment.) i didn’t want to waste my money if i hadn’t seen any results in 3 treatments, plus, it was a major downer on me. i NEED help. i’m afraid sometimes that my lack of self confidence and hatred for myself will result in me doing something stupid. Can anyone help me? i have light skin, freckles and dark brown/reddish stubble all over my face, and i hate it! help!

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Dear Babyblue. I have taken guys who have beards so thick that they dulled blades before they could finish even ONE SHAVE, and totally bared their faces in less than 30 days (and we did not treat every day either)

You simply could not have “too much hair for electrolysis”. You may however have too much hair to get the kind of results you want from the practitioners you know about close to your area.

If you take the time to finish filling out your profile so we all know what area of the country you are in, perhaps someone here can direct you to someone who will put you on the way to smooth clear skin, and remove this cloud from blotting out your sunny selfesteem.

James…thanks for taking the time to read my post. i took your advice and completed my profile. I have a hard time dealing with the cards i’ve been delt. i want to change my hand, but i’ve tried almost everything and came up disappointed in the end. I’ve spent tons of money and just came up broke w/ no results. I sometimes want to just quit…ya know! well, if there is anything you can do to help, i’m all ears!

James…also are u telling me that electrolysis can be performed on me, even w/ lots of hair? i know it will take time, and if i went this long, i can go longer if I know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. so it’s all about the skill and machinery used of the practitioner? correct? i did have electrolysis in the past, but the lady doing it didn’t seem like she was very skilled! any suggestions on what i should look for in a practioner? thanks james, you seem like your all about the patients!

Baby Blue: Before you commit to any more electrolysis or laser treatments, please consult with a good endocrinologist. The extent of your hair growth could indicate certain kinds of hormone imbalance, and unless this is treated, any hair removal method you are going to try is going to be like chasing your own tail. We treat many clients in your position, and have the most success with the clients who are being treated for the hormone imbalance. That being said, laser hair removal does work for your type of hair growth, but it takes more than 3 treatments (with our machine, usually 9 treatments are sufficient). Electrolysis will work also, but again, it takes many treatments to get good reduction. Try to medical approach first, then go forward with hair removal. Good luck, and keep us posted :wink:

I agree with Hairfetish. You need to know if you have some underlying condition that is recruiting follicles to grow hair in a war against your beauty goals so that you can arrest its advancement, if for no other reason than to limit the amount of hair removal you eventually end up having done.

Electrolysis with a good practitioner can clear you out regardless of the situation, but you want to get the issue that made the hair grow in the first place in the past if that is all possible.

Finding a good practitioner is the key here, but keep in mind that equipment utilized is a close second here. Think of it this way, a good practitioner utilizing outdated equipment is like you racing Jeff Gordon around the NASCAR track with you in the Winston Formula Racer, and Jeff Driving a Model T Ford. I think you would win all the laps other than the one where you crash into the wall. :grin:

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