So I’m just looking for advice on which way to go… I have been looking into laser/electrolysis for many years now, but considering that it has gotten worse over the last year, I have decided to invest in getting rid of it.
My skin is olive, the hair is on half face, about 10% dark, the rest is not VERY dark, but light brown. I have been going back and forth on a clinic which is proposing the following treatment:

Laser (Nd:YAG, CoolGlide) - 6-9 sessions
ELOS - 3-12 sessions
Electrolysis - as much as needed

Is this a good option? The place has a good reputation, and although they seem pushy, they look very professional. My problem is that it looks like its going to be a money suck. Isn’t laser and Elos the same thing, why do they need both? Also, each laser session is about $300 which I feel is overpriced.
So the main question is, does this treatment program seem good? Or should I just do electrolysis on the whole thing and skip laser all together? This place has also told me that the area is too dense for electrolysis. and FINALLY, I have never shaved the area and laser requires shaving =S I would LOVE to avoid that. Thanks a bunch!

It is about cost …

I would go with electrolysis. For example, I completed a young woman with PCOS (now only seeing her 2 or 3 times per year for touch-up) in 16 hours. At my rate of $70 per hour, her total cost was: $1120.

whoever told you that your hair was “too dense” for electrolysis … well, that is pur rubbish.

Erm… stay away from this clinic for a start. There are better YAG lasers than the Coolglide and what on earth are the ELOS sessions for?

Your brown hair will not respond to Laser anyway. The hair has to be VERY dark brown or black and COARSE. Especially for the YAG Laser. You can risk inducing more growth if you go ahead with Laser on the face.

And I’m with you on the not shaving. This is the main thing that put me off Laser for many years; I’m glad it did. In the meantime, I found this forum and quickly realised electrolysis was a much better option for facial hair. You don’t need to shave and there will be gradual clearance/reduction until you reach a point you are happy with and then it just needs maintaining.

So put your efforts into finding a good electrologist who is not afraid of doing the work.

you guys are awesome… saved me time and money, thanks :slight_smile: