Smooth Skin

I just got a great waxing today by a pro. There is some redness and I am scared that I am going to break out. I bought tend skin and I am going to be puting that on every morning and evening. Any other advice would be appreciated.

confusedkid89: what area did you have waxed? In the past before having the hair permanently removed,I had waxing done regularly and any reddness was gone by the next day. I’m sure you should have no trouble.

Don’t know about the redness. I am a male considering waxing the chest and have been given a quote of $30 Cdn. Is this normal? Also, please post if you need to use something post-waxing for optimal skin care.

What I had waxed was my back, it is not very hairy just enough to let me know its back there. I bought tend skin and have be applying that to prevent ingrowns. My hair is very thin, and that seems to make it more prown to ingrown hairs. Also I broke out really bad last time that I waxed anymore advice would be very appreciated! Thanks Confusedkid

Congratulations… it is very satisfying to have it ripped out… As for aftercare, you just need to be keeping the area clean and exfoliated… shouldn’t need any fancy expensive preparations unless you do get bad ingrowns… get a loofah - one of the ones with the rope handles that you can use both hands to pull back & forth across your back… a mild soap like Dove or a baby soap, and rub… if you get sweaty, then use a bit of talcum powder… you will more likely break out on the lower back… you can reach this by hand and use a cream if you want…

enjoy being smooth… even your clothes feel different…