smooth head for longer

Impressive site! I was quite impressed not to see a raft of ads.

I have recently (one month ago) started to shave my head. I am curious if there is a way to make the shave last a bit longer. I currently need to shave about every 2/3 to 3/4 days. That is partial days, by the way.

For instance, I shaved this morning at about 0530 and now at 1700 I am bristly.

I have already figured out that there is probably no product out there that I can rub on to improve this. I am leary of waxing, mainly due to the pain. I am assuming that waxing the scalp is quite different from arm/legs due to the hair folicle density.

I would prefer to avoid laser and electrolysis as I am not naturally balding (much), and may at some point want to let the hair grow back.

I mainly am looking for a way to reduce shaving frequency.

Thanks a bunch,


Sorry, anything that would have the potential to do what you are talking about, would also risk damage to the scalp, scabs and infection.