Smooth electrolysis with One touch


I have started using the One Touch electrolysis device. I foud it easy to use. I had read many of the post regarding this technic. I thought it would be more painful. Maybe I am one of the lucky one that is not that sensitive… But I found it less painful than plucking… No special reactions, just like the mosquito bite and then goes away after a few hours. Now I just need some patience… I may also be looking at a better machine. But so far I do not regret starting doing electrolysis myself.


I was very busy and had to stop. But bottom line, whatever hair I removed is gone for good…Yes I got red dot for a couple of days but it goes away and leaves a beautiful skin (not like some other methods). Above all it takes time but is not more painful than pulling hair or using the Nair type of product that either does not work or irritate big time if left longer. I am continuing with one touch an will do whait takes to do the bikini line…


Where can I get more info on the device?