smooth chest for 7 days? with waxing...

To keep this relatively short…
I’ve been shaving for almost a year. My girlfriend & I are in college so we see eachother once every other week or so. I shave when I know I’m going to see her and she has never really felt my chest when the stubble is really bad.

However, we’ll be spending a week together this Saturday since we’re on winter break and she’s back from California. I would like to have a smooth chest for as many of those days as I can so I looked into professional waxing.

I have a few questions but would also like any tips or information you can give me that might help me out.

01.) How long should the hair be to get it waxed properly? I shaved about 2 weeks ago and my hair is (guessing) around/less than 1/4th of an inch. Is the hair too short? (If it is, any information on shaving & keeping a smooth chest for up to a week would be helpful).

02.) How long will the hair be gone for after a waxing? I know cases vary, but I’ve seen places say 4 to 8 weeks. I assume that means until the hair is waxable again?

03.) Say the waxing last only 2 days, what can I do to touch-up my chest? Shave? Will that leave a sore chest (such as more red marks or whatnot)? Creams?

Thank you for your time. Any information that might help me would be truly appreciated.


Sorry I didn’t get to you before the weekend! :frowning:

  1. Yes, hair should be about 1/4 inch or longer.

  2. Most people stay hair-free after waxing from a few days to a few weeks, depending on body area and their hair growth pattern. Full regrowth takes a few months.

  3. Many consumer shave between waxings. You wll have far fewer stubbles than usual.