Smooth and Silky


Hi. I’m a 45 year old pre-op m-f transsexual. I am trying to reduse the amount of hair on my face TEMPORARILY (until I return from Hawaii and allow my face to lose its tan so I can begin laser!!). Last evening I began to epiulate my thick black facial hair with the Remington “Smooth and Silky.”
I am afraid that, perhaps, this will damage my skin. Any thoughts? (or warnings?) Or suggestions? I just want to hide my "shadow under my makeup!!! Thanks


Epilating heavy androgen-driven facial hair is very hard on the skin, and should be done slowly over a long period of time. I do not recommend plucking this type of facial hair if there’s a lot of it, but if you must, try to do small amounts over a week or two, and avoid stripping an area. Instead, pluck in a scattered pattern that’s spread out, and then go back over the area after it’s healed. this is a bit easier on the skin.