smallest needle that can be used with the OneTouch

Hello! I’m wondering if someone could help me with my One Touch electrolysis machine. I’ve had great success with it on my coarse hairs. The hairs that I have treated have not grown back in over a year. I recently decided to start treating other areas of my body, but I noticed that the needle that comes with the machine is too large (in terms of diameter, not length). I decided to look at other brands of needles (such as Ballet Pro), but I noticed they don’t list how big the needles are. The hairs that I’d like to treat are very fine. I read online that I’d need a needle with a diameter of .002 . Is this correct? If so, what needles are that size and will work with the one touch? Also, do I need to buy certain probes, or will the probes that are attached to the One Touch needles work? I’ve noticed that I can separate the One Touch needle from the probe.

Thank you!