small hairs

After shaving legs for years I noticed that there are small hairs left. They feel pricky and are impossible to shave off. Waxing also doesn’t help because they’re to short. They just stay there no matter what.
What could they be? What can I do about it?

Thank youy.

If you mean they are small as in fine wispy hairs, you might try switching razors and always using a new blade. Dull razors can miss finer hairs, and some razors are better than others at getting them. If you haven’t tried one, the triple blades like the Venus can be good for finer hairs.

If you mean short thick stubbles from shaved hairs, you might find that a rotary epilator can get them as they grow out. Epilators do not need the hairs to be as long as waxing does.

They are short thick stubbles, but they seem just to stay the same with time. They don’t grow. Could they be ingrown hairs? Or what else could they be?

If they are under the skin, they are ingrown. If they are out, they are probably not getting cut as close to the skin as some others. Many of us have patches of hairs that grow in a different direction or are at a sharp angle to the skin and are hard to shave.