Slow Healing - Clean + Easy

Hi everyone,

I have a Clean + Easy Deluxe electrolysis machine that I initially used on my upper thighs and bikini line to practice in more hidden areas before I did my lower legs which is the area I really want to treat.

After some practice and a lot of reading on this forum I was pleased with my results on my upper thighs and bikini line. Very slow going but I can see noticiable progress after small area treatments over a few months, and my skin reacted well, with any scabs flaking off within a week and no hyperpigmentation that I could see.

Having practiced a bit I decided three months ago to move onto my lower legs. I did a patch test and there was a big difference in how my skin reacted.

I had red/purple dots in each follicle I treated that over a few weeks turned more yellow/brown. It took over two months for my skin to return almost to normal. I wonder if it is just PIH, but was baffled at how differently my skin reacted with the same machine, same settings, same length of treatment time, and same technique I was using in other areas. The hairs on my lower legs (which are finer than my bikini line but thicker/coarser than my upper thigh hair) came out just as easily as my other treatments, but the skin reaction the day after and beyond is very different.

I tried another smaller patch test on the lower leg with the machine set to 0 and only 10 second treatment time (didn’t get all the hairs) but the skin reaction was the same.

I use magnifying eyeglasses, bright lights, and make sure the needle is in the follicle before completing the circuit. Is there anything I can adjust to reduce these red spots? Is it possible I’m inserting the needle too deep or too shallow? Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Attached a picture of the first test patch - 2 days, 7 days, and 3 weeks after treatment, respectively. The forum doesn’t let me upload more than one picture so I had to combine three pictures into one, hence the weird cropped edits!

Those scabs are bigger than they need to be, thus healing will take longer. I think you need less time in the follicle, otherwise, good job as a DIY’er!

Thank you for the advice! I’ll try less time in the follicle.

Most welcome. Just make sure that the full hair slides out with no resistance.

This Clean & Easy Machine is Trash.

I thought a long time also to buy it.

But to Remove 1 Hair need like, ages. I mean in videos like peoples need 20 Seconds up to 1 Minute for remove 1 Hair. Because this machine… like they go inside the hairfolicle 1 time… maybe work… mostly 2-3 times… within its work.

I mean that you are alone Slower because put the machine in hairfolice and tweeze it , if its done, its clear. As a electrolgyist one but this machine block /waste your time.

For remove few Haire if disturb you like 100-200 Hairs or less… it could be a option of course.
But for remove thousands Hiars , Clean & Easy is trash.

It exist machines deothermoy fine /good one for 500 Euro/Dollar and i dont Speak about VR2 or how it called. Within like 1250 Dollar/Euro even some with blend/galavanic/deothermy.

Also You can Try something by Clean & Easy , peoples do it.

They Buy *Ballet or Sterex Needles * Use them for them , for other size /better removal.

Maybe replace it , buy some extra needle.

For a good/fine deothermy machine like from Sillhoutte epil 100 you pay like 580 -650 Euro/dollar + you need some sizes of needles… would use the thinnest one and the gold one (usual size). 2 are usual fine.

also use gloves , make area clean for work on it.

And also even if it nothing to do have with this thread.

I saw here on Hairtell once , someone wrote this machines i mean for socket are Dangerous.

Thats Wrong.

The Most Machines at least the good/fine one have a Output Electrcity of <10 Watt .

By 100 Watt your Muscles get problems

230 V = 2300 Watt is Deadly .