I’ve had acne in the past and my skin is probably still sensitive but I wanted to know what products are good to use to look after the skin?

I like to not put anything on my face because it is sensitive but I could not exfoliate but use a moisturiser? So does anyone have any tips on what moisturiser to use?

Also I have dark knees because of plucking hairs and it looks really odd in comparison to the rest of my skin. What could I use to lighten in? Should I just keep on exfoliating?

I use Neutrogena oil free moisturiser (with spf 15) during the day. It’s really hydrating and I haven’t had any breakouts. If I’m splurging, I use Clinique even better skin tone correcting moisturiser, which is spf 20. The Clinique moisturiser has a lot thicker texture. I don’t know if it really evens skin tone but it feels really moisturising and comfortable.

BUT, if your skin is really sensitive I’d be worried about putting things on it. your best bet might be checking out products on [ewg dot org/skindeep]. This site is invaluable for information on how safe products are. Maybe look there for a moisturiser with few ingredients that look safe. That way you will hopefully have either no reactions, or at least be able to pin down whats causing the reaction.

I find “mechanical” exfoliation pretty useless. It’s a pretty harsh way to clean. On the other hand, salicylic acid is really good at exfoliating. Just get a face wash with that in it and it should work the same. Maybe try a mask once a week or something?
I like to use witch hazel as a whole face toner.

The other thing I’ve started using lately is Decleor Essential Balm. It’s pretty much a mix of essential oils, you use a tiny amount at night on a clean face and it moisturises and cleanses. I think my pores have less blackheads and my skin looks nicer. On the other hand, its ridiculously expensive. I got it cheap off of strawberrynet because they’ve changed the packaging. On the other hand I’ve only just started using it, and some people complain that they get breakouts from using it.

Hope some of this helps!


Thank you.

I’m currently trying out emu oil pre-mixed with one essential oil. To be honest so far I am happy. Its lighter than I thought it would be, and if you believe the hype its got nutrient thingamajigs thats suppose to nourish the skin.

I remember reading up on stuff present in products like moisturisers, anti-ageing creams, cleansers and so on that can irritata some skin. But I can’t remember the source of that information and knowing the internet, it was likely to be a biased point of view.

Although, you can get for instance the same shaving gel, one aimed at sensitive skin and the other for normal skin. I suppose with a slight variation in the ingredients between the two. Anywho, emu oil - so far am happy, and I doubt it would irritate sensisitive skin either:)

^ with essential oils and stuff, I’ve heard a lot of people like to use jojoba oil on their skin.

I’ve heard good things about jojoba oil too, and am considering buying some. I’m worried I may break out, but I hear that it doesn’t cause break outs so I may try it.

I also hear good things about emu oil (and some bad stuff, mixed reviews), but I could never use it because I like emus. :frowning:

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Fundamentally, a normal acne treatment is changing your diet, cleansing your inner organs and utilizing herbal cures to supply nutrients to organs. Prescription medicines, harsh substances and junk or processed foods with foods additives are all unnatural acne treatments.

While significant acne wants serious awareness, moderate to moderate acne is often treated efficiently by a pure acne treatment with normal herbs. These herbs will support even in diminishing acne. This Natural acne treatment will not be from an unique plant or rare species. This natural acne treatment is actually a component of frequent natural items and oils found in your house.

Spices maintain your skin color, digestive system and immune process healthful. Although they’ll do such great, they must be used in moderation. Raw spices can be utilised in healing rid of acne as a organic acne treatment.

As you could have guessed, vegetables and fruit are also an element of a pure acne treatment. They may be the two brilliant on your pores and skin when applied directly. It’s since from the minerals, necessary oils and antioxidants.

Greens like cucumber cleanse your skin tone from excessive oiliness. You are able to extract the juice of greens, and place them on the encounter five minutes just about every day. However, the pure acne treatment will not perform overnight. You may have to attend about a month just before you start to observe really serious benefits.

[mynaturalhealth dot co dot nz]

Here are some natural tips for keeping your skin healthy.Drink eight glasses of water each day. This helps to flush out toxins that could keep you from having a clear skin complexion and also prevents your skin from getting dehydrated. Water is a better option than soda and other beverages that could lead to acne.

Use aloe found in aloe plants to moisturize your skin. Most people know that aloe can be soothing when you have a sunburn. Aloe, though, can be a treatment used to moisturize your skin. Since there is only so much aloe in a plant, you may only want to use this on your face and/or hands.

Eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables. These foods are full of water which will keep your skin from drying out. Fruits and vegetables are also full of vitamins which can keep your skin healthy.

Place slices of cucumber over your eyes. This is another well-known home remedy that is used by people trying to get healthy-looking skin. Lie flat on your back, with your head lying flat as well. Place one slice over each eyelid and keep it there for about 10 minutes. Doing this every day can reduce puffiness around your eyes. It also feels very refreshing.

Use the skin of a peach on your face. Doing so is an easy way to cleanse your face and get a better complexion. Gently rub the inside of the skin all over your face for two to five minutes. Allow the moisture to remain on your face for at least an hour. You can also do this before bed and wash your face in the morning.


You may suspect you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, but do you really know your skin type? Knowing your true skin type can help the next time you’re in the cosmetics aisle. In fact, using the wrong products — or even popularized Internet hacks — for your skin type could worsen acne, dryness, or other skin problems.

Read on to learn:
how to build your own skincare routine
how to treat specific skin concerns like acne or scars
which DIY skin hacks aren’t healthy, even if they seem to work

Skin care? Indeed, there are many thousands of products, remedies, suggestions on all facets of “skin care.” Logically, if there was “THE right answer” it would be well-known and probably a simple solution. However, that’s not the case … at all! There are thousands of companies producing thousands of products for skin care; and, “skin care” is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. Lots of misinformation, hyperbole, ideology, etc., too.

Within a few of the above reasonable suggestions there is some incorrect information that “all of us believe.” I only have two comments. First, people often take “exfoliation” to the extreme. There is no advantage to rubbing and scrubbing “the hell out of your skin.” Humans are not like shakes and we don’t have to shed the whole skin. In fact, too much exfoliation is irritating and damaging. I’ll let Dr. Berg talk about the need to drink 8-glasses of water every day:

I do like and subscribe to Dr. Berg’s channel. Tom DeLauer and Dr. Berg are really good at presenting the evidence-based (science) reasons behind doing certain things and they are not the only ones that offer great information on YouTube. It’s mind blowing all the information one can obtain by watching these experts. Intermittent fasting is my new love and I frequently play these videos as I work on my clients. A lot of unwanted hair, especially in women, can start with being insulin resistant, which leads to being overweight, which can cause hair growth. Many of the very hairy, not all, are in a state of pure metabolic hell. Many diseases are the being caused by insulin resistance. We are all eating very inflammatory foods - sugar and the wrong fats are everywhere we turn.

Concerning the information on water, for years I was taught to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. I had a hard time doing that. I think I have camel genes in my genome somewhere. I don’t tell my clients to hydrate anymore since watching your YOUTUBE water video Michael and now Dr. Berg is of the same mind. Drink water when your body tells you to drink water. It knows best how to maintain homeostasis.

I love your reply Dee Dee (and I love you too). We did our Canadian COPE Zoom meeting today, 90-minutes, (50 participants), and a few of these issues came up. Both Eric and I are going to follow the Berg diet suggestions … starting tomorrow. Eric got this little device to measure our BMI and I’m FAT! MY BMI is 22.5 and Eric’s is 19. Also, YES, improper diet … and insulin resistance … has a LOT to do with hormone production, weight gain and hair growth.

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Darn! I’m so sorry I missed the COPE Zoom. I’m sure it was very informative! I’m always humble about what I think I know.

I wonder … it seemed okay and fun … ladies from Canada, USA, UK and Australia … electrologists are so sweet and lovely (mostly).

Also, now that I know how to do these meetings … I think I’ll do a few myself (but these will be free … of course, because there will be no association sponsorship.) I think I can get Dr. Chapple and a psychologist: Jude Bijou (at different times and topics.)

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Several electrologists on other sites have asked if they can pay for and view the COPE Zoom on demand. How can this be done?

Oh … ummm … I know COPE video-recorded the thing … I did not. I think it would take some serious editing to make it an educational offering. (I would be happy to do it for the association.) Honestly … I did a really rotten job; somewhat embarrassing. Not quite “blithering idiot” … but close to it!

I really would like the several phenomenal electrologists I know of obliquely, doing amazing things, to be showcased. Indeed, there is so much happening in our field, but there is no outlet (e.g., a professional magazine) to highlight the innovations. Most of our association’s conventions seem like endless re-runs of worn-out topics that we’ve all heard “umpteen” times. None of us should shy away from controversy and new ideas … innovation is always the way forward.

Glad you had fun Mike! I think the attended zoom meetings might be a smash hit! I had a few people asking me for contact info for you and I referenced them to your email on

iI’m doing another presentation at my local esthetics school this week. I do this on occasion, talk about infection control, GRS prep , electrology in generl. I’m at the point I’ve now become a regular part of their curriculum and I might just steal a few topics from you to discuss!

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Oh … goodie … “stealing” is excellent. Still, you can’t steal from somebody who WANTS you to do the best you can with any information or stuff you can gather … GO FOR IT!


Not so much on the stealing…lol… what I did do however is let every one of those students know where they could access more resources to work, and that does include electrology now You can expect a half dozen eager newbies around here at hairtell asking all the questions!

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