Skin type & efficacity?


My skin type I believe is between 2 and 3, however, more leaning into 3. I have dark black hairs all over my body, some places it is more prominent than others. I want to get laser to reduce my forearm hair, but not completely remove it. I called some local clinics (we have about 5 or 6 in my area) to find out their lasers, and seems like a lot of them use The Apogee Elite, The Soprano, and the one I think I may go with uses the Apex 800.

What are your views on these lasers? If I go in for one or two treatments (I think I only want to go in for one on my forearm because I have school in a month, and I don’t want to seem weird for being a guy with no arm hair, since they were pretty hairy before), will my arm hair come back as stubble? Or will it come back soft like it is now?

Thanks for your feedback.

  • Connor

I think you mean “efficiency”? :wink:

Is the hair coarse? Dark is not the only thing that matters. Does it leave a shadow or stubble when you shave?

It will come back soft, not stubbly. But first, it may look like stubble while it comes out to shed within 3 weeks after the treatment.

I would go with Apogee Elite. But settings matter. So go in for consultations and see what they tell you. You need to get a good feel for the place and their knowledge.

Yeah, sorry, efficiency. :stuck_out_tongue: (It’s “éfficacité” in French, ha ha)

The hair is coarse, however, not too thick like leg hair and whatnot. I just recently used a depilatory cream on it, and I also bleached it before the summer came. Fortunately for me, the hair grows back very slowly already, but there’s a lot there when it’s in “full bloom.”

And as for the other lasers, the only reason I’m not going to consider many of the other clinics in my area is solely based on price. To be honest, I think it was $100 for both arms, whereas with the Apogee Clinic, it was around $290… I spoke with the lady (Joan) at the “Apogee Clinic”, and she said it should be gone in typically 6 - 8 treatments; frankly, being a student and running myself (I’m also getting my shoulder blades/upper back done) nearly 600 dollars every time I walk through that door. 600 dollars and taking note that I may very well be there for 8 treatments is 4800 dollars, and that’s just for the beginning of my future hair removal with lasers. I have plans to do my chest and my lower back soon, and potentially get the hair on my thighs reduced too.

I’ve poked around here for a few days now, and I’ve gathered a handful of useful questions by using your guide on what to ask during my consultation. As of yet, I have one consultation for Monday the 26th at four. I’ll let you know how it goes.

PS: For my arms, will the hair start growing back in time for September, say, if I get the laser on my forearms within this next week?

Thanks a TON for your help!

  • Connor.