Skin type 4

I took the Fitzpatrick skin type test and am rated a type 4 with dark hair.

I haven’t written on this board for sometime (1yr) and at the time, the LightSheer was the way to go for my skin tone. Is this still the case? I have put off for long enough not doing the treatment, and this year I am going to focus on my face and get it done. I just need to know what machine the office should have so I can then start researching different doctors.


I would have to recommend an Nd-Yag laser, which is great for darker skin. Its only drawback is that is some what painful, but you can use a topical anesthetic like LMX or Emla. I used to have Altus CoolGlide now Cutera, and would recommend it to anyone.

So other than these message boards, is there a real life professional I can talk to who is NOT trying to sell me thier treatment?

I find this board so informative, but I would love to be able to talk to an unbiased medical professional who specializes in Lazer Hair Removal. Especially since the darker skin raises chances of side effects. My face will be the MAJOR place for hair removal and no hiding the face…


Laser X is giving you good advice. I have had a lot of experience with laser treatments as a patient. I am basically type 4 but have darker skin on my lower legs. I have had very good success with the Lightsheer but it can cause some scabbing. But that did not bother me when having my chest and back treated. The Nd:YAG 1064 nanometer laser will have the least side effects on dark skin of any of the lasers. With your skin type the Aurora is worth considering also.I have had my very heavy beard treated with the Sciton, which is also a Nd:YAG laser. My last treatment was May 25th, 2004 with two treatments total. About 50% of my beard is gone and I am very happy with the results. I had very slight redness which only lasted about an hour. My practitioner has everything, Lightsheer, Aurora, Sciton, and electro. She recommended the Sciton for my beard based on its track record and her experience in treating beards.The only thing I would disagree with Laser X is on pain. I did not find the Sciton as painful as the Lightsheer diode or Apogee alexandrite lasers. It was more painful than the Aurora IPL/RF though.Hope this helps. RJC2001