Skin Station

I went for an appointment to a LHR clinic. They mentioned Skin Station is the only device that works on peach fuzz. They gave me a patch treatment … the device has a hand piece shaped like a rectangle … they place this on the skin, and after few seconds there is a sound on which the practitioner presses this hand piece to the skin.

It felt hot when she pressed this to the skin. No tingling sensation though. She said this carbonizes the hair.

Any feedback or comments on this device.

I found this –

I do not understand it though.

It’s an IPL. They all claim to work on everything. I wouldn’t trust it. From any laser or IPL, there is a high chance of it stimulating more growth when treating peach fuzz. I wouldn’t touch it with any of these machines if I were you. But of course it’s up to you. I wouldn’t do it on myself. If you do decide to, please post the results for us.

I think I will stay away from it.

What I heard from my practitioner it is not very good. There have been reports of induced hair growth with it. It cannot provide high enough fluence for effective treatment.


She insists that this works better on weak hair than lighsheer. Well, I still do not think I am going to buy it as I think you guys know it first hand.

if you’re thinking of remocing peach fuzz, i wouldn’t touch it with any laser at this point. i’ve seen absolutely no reports of any laser working on peach fuzz. it either doesn’t do anything, or makes it worse on some areas for some. personally, i wouldn’t do it on myself. electrolysis only on peach fuzz if it really bothers you.