Skin Severly Burned from Laser Hair Removal

I am a male that was undergoing laser hair removal on my face. I would always outline the areas to be avoided with a makeup pencil prior to treatment, as I only wanted the hair removed from my neck and cheek bones. I originally sought laser hair removal to alleviate ingrown hairs that typically developed on those specific areas. Hence, I desired to keep hair growth on my chin, upper lip, and side burns. On this particular treatment, a dark blue makeup pencil was used to draw the areas to be avoided. The tech began to administer treatment and I noticed a severe burning sensation near my sideburns. I mentioned this to the tech, but she continued the treatment. After it was completed, I left the office in severe pain. After I got into the car, I looked into the mirror and noticed that there were several areas on my face that were open wounds, as if they were severly burned. Bottom line: the tech was negligent and as a result I suffered severe burns on my face because the laser sought after the dark color of the makeup pencil on my skin, instead of the hair. I now have painful burn marks on my face in the outline of a mask. How long will it take these to heal and to stop hurting? Will they leave scars? What about hypopigmentation? Please advise as to what can be done to minimize the damage that has been done. Also, how can I prevent this tech from inflicting harm on someone else?
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I can’t believe that happened to you. You need to see a dermatologist ASAP. Did you go back to the place and show the laser tech what she did? They should pay your dermatologist bill.

First, you should go see a dermatologist immediately.

Second, you should take photos immediately.

Third, you should write out a statement like the one you posted here, with times, names, date, details. One important thing will be who supplied the makeup pencil. Skin is only supposed to be marked with certain colors the laser will not absorb.

It is critical you avoid getting any sun on the area whatsoever until you have seen a dermatologist.

Thanks for the response. I did taken pictures of my skin everyday since the incident. Obviously, I have no interest in finishing the last 5 sessions of the treatment with the company that caused me to get injured. What do you think is fair compensation above getting my money back. I have dermatology bills, antibiotics, etc. Not to count the pain and embarrassment of walking around with my skin fried and open wounds! It is slowly healing, but it still isn’t known if it will scar or have hypopigmentation. I am a professional in the Chicago area, and their negligence has caused me a lot of embarrassment. I have an appointment with my attorney next week. What do you think is fair compensation?

A woman in New York filed a $100 million suit, which I believe was settled for an undisclosed amount. The place that fried her is no longer in business, though.

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If technician provided you with a blue make up pencil, you should definitely take this case to your lawyer. I have been using lasers for almost 3 years, and talked to a number of practitioners, and never heard somebody stupid enough to use blue markings on their patients. It should not have even been present in their office