Skin scarring

I have the Braun silk epi 7. I have PCOS and my facial hair is pretty extensive, it’s dark and thick. I used to go waxing, but I hated the salons pointing out how much hair I have. I tried laser therapy but it didn’t have much of a positvie result, so I decided to keep it simple and shave. After a while, I bought an epilator. But ever since then, the hair is removed though it starts growing back in two days, but my skin has been blotchy (scarring, maybe hyper pigmentation) and also more bumpy. I am using the product as the instructions say. Please help!!! I want my skin back

I’ve just started working on a video about tweezing.

I let a patch of my beard grow out … we tweezed the hairs and squeezed the skin to show, under magnification (on video), blood oozing out from every torn-out follicle. Indeed, you bleed every time you tweeze because you have torn blood vessels and ripped out dermal tissue.

Whether you use a tweezer, waxing, threading or rotary units … it’s all the same, you are tearing out part of your skin when you rip out a hair.

Tweezing injures the skin, and you get nothing for it because the hairs grow back. If you injure your skin what can you expect? Blotches, pimples, hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, sub-cutaneous scar formation, distorted hairs, ingrown hairs … I will have a lot to say on this subject … so, stay tuned to "ElectrologyNOW!’ Video should be done in about 2 weeks.

Sadly, we electrologists see this type of skin trauma regularly. It is the primary reason that many people become motivated to finding a permanent solution for their unwanted hair. In most cases the skin recovers fully, although it can take up to one year from the last incidence of tweezing,waxing or threading. Shaving is a better option for your skin.

True Christine … I wonder why electrolysis is usually “the last resort?” I think I know why, but it’s what we do … clean up the mess after years of fiddling and making matters worse.

I wanted to get electrolysis around my facial area but the company I went to insisted I get laser hair removal because I was hairy 😝 And I didn’t want to. So I went and bought an epilator instead and now my skin is horrible. I’ll take all of your advice and try and find an electrologist soon but I’ll shave until then and hopefully won’t be left with stubble 😂

Hair22 Have you tried Epilady’s facial epilator?

Hair22: You might look for someone really specialized doing Electrolysis in Your vicinity. It might even be economic to travel a bit in order to get treatments from a colleague able to work fast in longer sessions.

I NEVER recommend anything that pulls the hair out. It doesn’t solve the problem. It is temporary. A modern electrologist can remove hair, permanently , efficiently and quickly from facial areas, no matter how hairy. Pulling out facial hair is bad news and can make the problem worse over time.