Skin resurfacing treatments

I’m sorry if this has been discussed already but it’s difficult to navigate this site on my phone.
I had electrolysis for approximately 4 years, on and off, and stopped due to work schedules. I felt my first electrologist did damage to skin around my mouth. Now I’m older and the skin has aged also, I’m looking into skin resurfacing treatments.
My question is (for anyone who has has these treatments and professionals who have seen it or can give me an opinion), do laser or other “heat” treatments for the skin activate hair follicles, I.e. cause hair growth, or terminilise vellus hair? I read IPL can do this.


Light-based skin treatments like laser and IPL sometimes cause “paradoxical hair growth.” I would recommend starting with chemical options (“lunch peels”) to see how your skin responds, and if you want additional smoothing, then consider light-based options.

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Thanks Andrea. I’m sure people think I’m over reacting but I’m really nervous about LED and lasers, radiofrequency, microneedling etc… anything that can stimulate head hair growth can’t be good. I feel like I’d be the one unlucky person who grew more facial hair. Pity as my 45 year old face looks 55 and could do with these treatments. I can’t even use retinol due to hair growth, so I guess I’m saving for a facelift…

I studied at med college and then went to work at a spa salon, and that’s my opinion. A chemical peel is the most effective but the most painful procedure.

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