Skin not smooth

After epilating, most of the hair is gone and I can use tweezers for any wayward hairs left behind. My issue is that my skin doesn’t feel smooth. It feels a bit like stubble, but there are no visible hairs. Does anyone else get this? I’m wondering if I epilate on a more regular schedule will this help…? Any suggestions?

you are not epilating properly or allowing the hair to grow long enough, I would just like to also add never epilate the face the hair will grow more and darker only legs and under arms. If you are feeling stubble you are cutting the hairs rather than pulling them out of the root this happens if the hair isn’t long enough to pull out yet or if you haven’t exfoliated first or if you are not going against the hair when epilating, make sure you use exfoliating gloves in the shower prior to epilating which is what I do the legs are lovely and silky smooth now and no in grown hairs.

Epilators at best get visible hair that is grown out to sufficient length. But there will always be some growing out of cycle that may not be long enough for the epilator to remove. A certain portion of the hairs will break in the follicle or near the surface. I dont think you would ever get a perfectly smooth result with one.


Thanks for the replies

I do my legs once a week as well as under arms and have very silk smooth legs / under arm I just make sure I use the exfoliating gloves in the shower at least 3 x week one being prior to the epilating process make sure all skin is dry and no creams on skin. Then make sure you go against the hairs and you need to go over a few times, some hairs you can’t see they are small you need to feel them with your hand and go over them. I could go every 2 weeks but I like the silk feeling, any less than a week and I’d be getting stubble my epilator can get very short hairs, its better than waxing because you don’t have to let them grow that long and hide your legs between treatments. It does get some getting used to though I have done my legs for around a year. I tried it on the bikini area but I think I’ll stick with shaving their until I can afford laser or electrolysis on the area.

Thank you. Which epilator do you use?

You can basically use any epilator, all of them remove hairs from the root. The price increases if the epilator has more caps (facial, sensitive area, massage head etc).
A wet & dry epilator is also more expensive than a basic 30 - 40 tweezers epilator. The more expensive ones are also advertised as being able to remove even the shortest of hairs.
Also, more expensive epilators have a larger number of tweezers, which speeds up the process.
You can use a $30 epilator and still have smooth legs and in time you will get there, you will be satisfied with the smoothness of your legs. Since hairs grow in cycles that’s why women end up epilation once a week like Helen1983. I epilate once every 2 weeks.

I’ve tried a few different brands and have come to the conclusion that the Braun Silk Epil 5(corded) and the Braun Silk Epil 7(cordless) by far are the most effective, particularly at shorter lengths. Now after 2 years of epilating my legs and arms every two weeks and underarms weekly, the pain level is almost non-existent, I never get a stubble feeling but a very soft re-growth.

Mine is a Braun Silk

I’m male and used an epilator all last year thru winter. Decided to let hair grow back at first of year and it’s now almost March and I barely have any hair on my legs. Very fine hairs and not many of them. Will probably take it all off come summer and pleased that it doesn’t look like I’ll have to start all over. Like many have said, it takes a while and many hair growth cycles to finally see a reward for your efforts. My skin was always smooth and there was zero pain.

I think in the beginning, you won’t be smooth like you would with shaving. It takes a couple of hair growth cycles before you can achieve a smoother finish. I have noticed that sometimes when you quickly run the epilator over your skin, it causes the hair to break.

All of the newer epilators basically use the same tweezing mechanism as opposed to the original Epilady which used a coil. The more expensive ones include additional features. Probably the most important feature is how fast it can remove hair. If you buy a cheaper one it will take more passes to clear the hair.