skin memory

The hair probably won’t become finer if you stop tweezing. Skin has a memory and once coarse hairs are established, you have to use a permanent method to make them finer.

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is there any data on this skin memory idea?
any thoughts on skin having memory that affects hair?

What is this clinical data that suddenly everybody wants on this forum? It is common knowledge among those who study skin that skin has a memory. If you rub a blister on your hand over and over, eventually you will form a callous to prevent a blister and the callous will stay there until you stop abrading the skin in that spot. If you tweeze hairs, you will eventually have coarse hairs in that spot because your skin has tried to create a hair so strong that you can’t tweeze it.

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i would assume people ask for links to clinical data cause it is tested hypothesis from scientists. which helps validation of an idea.

if your/common knowledge of skin memory follows that way of thinking, then wouldnt my hair logically become fine again, if i stop plucking it?

thanx for your time

thoughts anyone?

i guess i just wouldn’t call what you’re describing “skin memory”. that’s a bit misleading. the reason hair grows in thicker or stronger is due to stimulated blood flow to the FOLLICLE to repair it after plucking or waxing etc. So, technically it’s not your skin doing anything here. It’s just the way the body mechanism operates. And yes, after a while if you stop, the hair would return to whatever you started with if you stop hair removal on it, but this is due to hair growth cycles. Meaning, all hairs go through 3 stages, and the last one is the shedding stage. After that the new hair grows in and it will be the same thickness as the original one if you don’t pluck or tweeze to stimulate more blood flow to that follicle in between.