Skin Health Spa Selfridges

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone in London has tried the laser hair removal treatment at the skin health spa in London? I’m extremely frustrated in my search for a quality place (that doesn’t just want your money at any cost to your skin!!) in London and the people have been promising here so far. THey also have a good range of lasers and I was wondering if anyone has ever had treatment there, or an experience of it, and if so, how it went.


Run a search. There are several long threads here discussing clinics in London. Here are a few of them: (success story)

thanks LAgirl! i’ve been reading the forum religiously for the last few weeks, but I think there is a lack of good feedback on clinics in London that are treating dark skin (type V +) effectively. Someone has written about Renew Medica though I’m not sure how the laser is progressing - and this clinic in selfrdiges hasn’t been mentioned at all on the forum…

All the people you see in the above threads are the regulars posting from London. You can send them private messages. For your skin type, you need a clinic with a Yag laser. Call around and see who has it, then do consultations.

These people are not registered in the UK for these treatments and have just been prosecuted for this…and don’t expect them to be insured etc.

Follow this link for full details…