skin + hair type question

Hello all,

I appreciate the wealth of collective knowledge on this forum (boy am I glad for it!). I’m overwhelmed, though, having searched and skimmed the forum to the point of utter confusion.

I’m thinking of moving from my current regime (waxing/shaving/tweezing/crying>apathy>hairfullness) to a less impermanent method. (Not disqualifying electrolysis, either, if anyone here can speak to that too.)

Can anyone tell me whether [and what kind of] laser would be appropriate for very pale, pinkish, !extremely! sensitive skin (prone to scarring) with long, fine, brown hairs?

As for distribution: fairly dense and dark on the arms, and slightly shorter and paler elsewhere – shoulders, neck, back, stomach, breasts, and face, of course. (Kind of a downy pelt, really, but less cute, since I’m bipedal. ANYWAY…)

I’d greatly appreciate any advice… thank you, in advance.

edited to add: Also – this has been a problem for me with waxing, as well – when working on the arms, stopping between the upper arm and shoulder produces an artificial-looking line. Is there a way that laser therapy could stagger or zig-zag there, to create a less obvious demarcation?

Thank you again.

Found this today, for anyone as confused as I was last night:

“In theory, the technician can choose between short, intermediate, and long wavelengths of laser light to use. A ruby laser produces a short light wavelength (694nm) and is good for removing relatively fine hair on people with Fitzpatrick skin type I-III (pale skin). Alexandrite lasers (755nm) are suitable for removing blond to light brown hair. Intermediate wavelength (800-900nm) diode based lasers are suitable for removing thicker hair with light to dark brown color in people with somewhat darker skin (Fitzpatrick skin type II-V). Long wavelength ND:YAG lasers (1064nm) are better for people with darker Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI and relatively coarse hair fiber production that is dark brown to black in color.”

News to me (obviously not to you guys), maybe helpful for oither laser novices overwhelmed by the plethora of experiences, etc.