Skin Condition+Electrolysis

Hi, everyone this is kinda off topic but somewhat relates to electrolysis. I have Keratosis Polaris on my arms and a little on my legs. Does anyone know if electrolysis can help this, I have a lot of hair on my arms especially where all the bumps and red marks are. If anyone can shed some light on this I’d appreciate it so much, thanks you guys.

Please use the search feature above. Type in keratosis pilaris. Make it newer than 2 years.

Search for it in the electrolysis forum and you will find some info. I can’t say exactly what because I do not have the condition, so I just skimmed the info. but I do remember it being talked about here. Good luck.

Ooooooo I can help ! I have this on the back of my upper arms and I can completely get rid of it by using Bliss Hot Sea Salt scub on my arms before my shower ( you put it on dry as per the directions) just massage it on your bumps for a few moments then jump in the shower and rinse off. After the shower I put Clean and Clear (brand name) salycilic (sp?) acne gel on them and that keeps me clear !! I mean COMPLETELY clear ! You must be religious about it, because if you skip a few days you’ll see them come back.

Thanks for the tip, I may try that… Currently mine is doing okay with Neutrogena skin smoothing body lotion, but I’m always looking for something better.