skin care after threading


I have dark coarse hair on my chin that have to removed a few times a week. I thread them and as a result, I’ve noticed that my skin around my chin area is considerably darker than the rest of my face and neck. I was wondering how I could reduce the darkening of my skin…? The skin there is not sore or anything…it’s just very dark and doesn’t look that great, y’know?

Also, I was wondering if after threading for years, do the hairs become finer and less frequent…?

Please respond and let me know. Thanks a lot!!

– Eliza

Hi eliza!

Actually, any form of epilation can lead to darkening of the skin in the area treated. This is even more likely the darker your skin is.

Here are a few tips that might help:

Work clean-- wash your hands and swab the area before and after with witch hazel

Cool down the skin right after-- try some 100% aloe gel on the area.

Avoid sunlight on the area for a day or two after.

Avoid using makeup on the area until the bumps and redness are completely settled.

Use an exfoliant like Tend Skin. Sometimes the darkness is dry skin.

Moisturize and use a sun screen between threadings.

If it’s still a problem, you might look into skin lighteners containing hydroquinone. These have to be used carefully so you don’t blanche the skin. If you’re concerned or not sure, you ight talk to a dermatologist about it.