Skin care after hair removal


I have very dark, course hairs on my chin that need to be plucked on daily basis. As consequence, my chin is always red and irritated and the hair are sore to pluck.

Also, after I wax the side of my face using NADS (all natural wax), I often break out in pimples for a few weeks after.

Do you have any advice as to how to prevent after waxing pimples or tweezing irritation?

Also, I have considered having “light sheer lazer” treatment on my chin area but would appreciate some advice/opinions before going ahead with it.

Thanks so much for this great site Andrea.



Decleor do a product called Prolagene Gel, which is supposed to help calm the skin, and help it to repair itself. It does seem to make a difference to any raised bumps.

Also, I use Tea Tree cream to calm rashes and sore areas.

I’m sure there’s better stuff out there, though…


Chelsea, Nads can get dirt and oil trapped in it with each use, which can lead to pimples.

Working clean is the key to avoiding excessive irritation. Wash hands throroughly before plucking, and cleanse both the tweezers and the area to be treated.

I’d try cleansing the area before and after with witch hazel to help keep bacteria down. This will also help with redness.

I like to use Tend skin after waxing or plucking-- it burns a little when you first put it on, but I find that it really reduces the redness.

I also like using 100% aloe gel (not cream), which is a very cooling and soothing thing to put on.

Maybe one or more of these can help you, too!