single women/breast treatment

first of all, i’ve been having my breasts treated for about 5 months now, and i still have a good 50 THICK hairs on each breast. my electrologist is extremely reputable, is it possible the problem will just never go away? granted i started out with a LOT of hair, i just really don’t see an end in sight anymore. CAN ANYONE HERE SAY FOR SURE THEY’VE HAD THIS PROBLEM PERMANENTLY SOLVED? ANYONE?

also, how do you single women deal with the redness/hyperpigmentation/STUBBLE/SHAVING SPOTS when you go out in your spare time?

Yes, yes, yes, your problem will go away. It has been FIVE months. You need to be patient for 1 year give or take. She’ll get’em. Is she using blend by any chance?

This is an easy area to treat and you will be hair-free if your electrologist is extremely reputable. Put that time in and stay on a schedule. Get cleared everytime, and I’m serious about this part!

Now it’s time for all you single women to chime in.

Something I am “guilty” of in my own practice is to fail to provide the “constant consultation”. I explain the expectations the client should have in the beginning of treatments, then figure the client will remember…

Hair grows in cycles that are not synchronized, so individual hair follicles are in a constant state of growing - shedding - resting - growing - shedding - resting - and not all at the same time. The electrologist can only work on the hairs that are visible at the appointment. Under the best conditions treated hairs should be gone at the first treatment, however, there are many more hairs in the shedding and resting phases that cannot be treated until they decide to grow. So, electrology treatments result in a progressive decrease in your currently growing hair.

One way to recognize affective treatments is with scheduling treatments according to the electrologists recommendation. As the treatments progress, the length of time used to remove the hair should decrease - because the amount of hair has decreased.

So, Cathy, have the appointments become shorter in duration and/or are you seeing more time between the appointments? How long were the first appointments and how long are the present appointments?

yes, the appointments had gotten shorter when i went on a regular schedule (I go away to school). over the course of one summer it went from a little over 45 minutes to about half an hour. it’s just hard to judge progress now that i only go when i’m home from school. i wish i knew more about the type of treatment my electrologist does, (i can call her and ask). i just feel like, like there is a lot of hair but it’s still relatively sparse compared to a man’s chest per se. so even though i keep getting cleared i feel like the surface area of skin has almost infinite space to for new cycles to grow into…