single people out there

This might be an emotional issue, suited to that forum, but it also might make a difference in how I schedule my appointments.

If you’re single and dating, how comfortable are you with using bleaching and clipping, and with skin redness in between treatments? How do you manage this, in terms of timing, masking, coping…



If I had a date I would trim or shave.That can get old really quick. I even went so far as to carry a razor in my purse.Electrolysis is good because it’s a forever thing.End your hair proublems forever!!!
Ask your electrologist or electrolysis supply for a cover-up make up. I Think it’s made by Styrex and works good & only costs a couple of dollars.

Thanks nanci, I’ll check it out. Odd to be dating just when i’m finally starting this… got to say that the skin recovery/lack of recourse to plucking in between treatments is making me ever so slightly more self-conscious.

(Though must say, when i first posted this thread, the really bad irritation i’d been trying to hide was a result of very high intensity – i basically told her to fry the ******s. Skin reaction is only now improving, a week and a half later. My last treatment was at a lower setting, and i finally tried the aspirin/alcohol/water trick, and i’ve got much less hiding to do.)

If you stick to regular electrolysis appointments, then it should not interfere with dating. Let’s say you get your electrolysis done on Mondays, then avoid dating Mondays and maybe Tuesdays.

I guess it really depends on how your skin heals after electrolysis. My skin heals very fast, so I have had elctorlysis done on the day before a date with no problem. And I don’t need to cover anything up.

If this is not your case, then there are certain liquid make-ups (foundation) that contain medication, which you can wear if you have scabs or redness.

I think the schedule you’ve suggested makes good sense. I’ve been unlucky in that my electro has only had room for me on weekends and Fridays <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> I will try to get appointments earlier in the week, though, you’re right, why make it harder than it has to be.

It’s good you are a fast healer – my skin takes a while to look close to normal (actually, it hasn’t looked “nice” since I started this project, though it’s improving).

I’m finding that I’m more inhibited – it’s important to look alright (thanks for the tip, btw), but it’s another thing to feel free to be touched spontaneously. At the moment I’m doing my neck, chestbone, breasts + lower belly.
Sort of has a dampening/paranoid effect on a new relationship…

i completely sympathize rain…i don’t have any solutions, just wanted to send supportive vibes…

Thanks, electrochick… here’s to fighting the good fight.

I found some awesome stuff called M’lis repair it cut my heal time in half. I think you have to be a business to order. I’d be happy to send you a sample to try.
Also the Instatron company sells a before and after treatment and a cover up. I think you can reach them @ www.INSTANTRON.COM
The M’lis works well and is extremly CHEAP!!