simplique hair remover

hey - first, i want to say that i just stumbled upon this site today and i have to say, what a great resource for a topic that is so ridiculously taboo but that everyone has something to contribute to!

just wondering about this product i saw advertised on tv - the simplique hair remover. i think igia makes a similar one - is looks like it’s just a razor with a small comb attached… about the size of a pen. the ad said it uses “microtechnology” (whatever that really means!)… anybody tried this? know anything about it? :relaxed:

Welcome! Simplique is a little tiny trimmer. It’s not made of the best materials, so it’s not going to be much use except for trimming small amounts of fine hair.

Hi, hon’…

Yeah…I was wondering about that, too. I couldn’t decide between Simplique or the Igia one, “Finishing Touch”. I thought it was a neat idea…but apparently it doesn’t work? Bummer… :frowning:


I saw the Finishing Touch at my local CVS for $10. I might just pick it up, and see how long it lasts.