Silhouette Tone Sequentium 328

I’m a new DIY’er
I’ve found a Sequentium 328 in perfect shape and working order for $900 and it’s accessible to me (hard to find used machines where I live)
I have my own opinions but I wanted to know from the experienced crowd if they would take the deal?
It has 2 foot pedals and come with a bunch of extras, this is supposedly a good blend machine? I am wondering if anyone knows what the manual capabilities are with this machine?

Silouette tone do make a good quality machine. The 328’s though are quite aged by now.Silouette tone wont service them anymore so if they are in need of calibration Texas Electrolysis Supply would be the only option. Definitely do a bubble test and an egg white test before purchasing. Josepha has videos of how to do this onher youtube channel.

At $900 , its a little pricey for used. It might be worth it if its in very good working order.I’ve never personally used this model, so that’s the best I can tell you.


Thank you Seana! the problem is I don’t have access to it before I buy, but the person is a trusted seller (mutual friends) she’s told me it’s sat for 11 years while she’s been getting her nursing degrees (that would be a plus that it hasn’t been used and abused no?) and she’s assured me that she’s tested it out and it’s all in working order and will refund me the full cost if I’m not happy within 2 weeks, the other problem is at 900$ where I live is cheap for ANYTHING. Machines are NEVER up for sale, and I’m running out of options as I live very rural and my electrologist is moving this spring and the closest person after her would be 3 hours there and 3 hours back, which isn’t feasible for me at all.
I don’t want to make a bad purchase because but if I don’t jump on this then I’m out of luck and I just can’t handle that emotionally because of my “problem” …
I wonder what it takes to calibrate them though? as I have access to a very very incredible group of engineers who seem to be able to fix anything and everything?

Could you not find an electrologist who offers marathon sessions to justify the six hours of travel? It’s not totally uncommon for people to travel three or more hours by plane for electrolysis appointments.

You could find a modern second-hand Sterex Blend unit for roughly the same price, if not slightly less, on eBay, and typically including all or most of the attachments and equipment.

Are you planning on treating your face?

I am unsure what marathon sessions are? but no it’s not even remotely doable with 3 small kids all in activities and school and dad working away, yes I am planning on treating my face, as well as everything else, and I know the risks, but the benefit out weighs that greatly for me, and I’ve been working with my electrologist and she has been “showing me the ropes” if you will because of my situation and the fact that she is moving her business, she will be back for visits, but not with her machine…So she is willing to help me then with whatever I purchase as well.
Cost wise at 900$ that would only cover 4 trips anyways if I was lucky, so either way I’m spending the money is the thing…
I did just come across an apilus junior for 100$ but that makes me think something is wrong with it? that’s to cheap no?
I’ve been stalking ebay for months and months and never come up with anything

A marathon session is one spanning several hours, maybe three, four or more hours, and sometimes for two or more days. The concept is that you trim your hair rather than shave it between each appointment so that the electrologist can treat a larger number of present hairs, potentially across several areas, within one treatment. Each treatment can then be spaced out further. It’s an attractive option for anyone who has to travel far to see an electrologist so that they’re not driving to and from appointments every week.

$100 does seem low from what I’ve seen in my neck of the woods. Epilators from decades ago are consistently sold for upwards of $150 on eBay, though people will drastically undervalue their goods if they want to get rid of it fast, which may be the case with the Apilus. You would have to see what attachments and equipment comes with it and the condition of the machine itself. If the $100 is only the machine, then you’ll need to source the pen, the probes, the electrode bar, a foot switch and a manual if you care to read how to operate the machine, maybe among other necessary items.

Marathon sessions represent less than 1/1000 of 1 percent of total electrolysis sessions. Theres a good reason for this, they are stressful, hard on the skin, expensive, and there are very few qualified electrologists who can really do marathon sessions with any competence. /there is in fact, only one electrologist worldwide I would trust on such a venture and she hasnt been taking on clients in several years.Pain tolerance also becomes an issue that must be dealt with and single parents simply do not have the time or resources to do it! I’ve had people over the years tell me that doing DIY was “dangerous” “foolhardy” and that I was sure to scar myself. Yet I would say the stress and potential for harm are GREATER with a marathon session that with doing the same area via DIY.a DIY strategy can be as safe, effective and convenient or more so than a marathon session which is out of reach for most people. I’mnot saying it’s easy, in fact many have tried and given up.

momofthree, I am the one person here best known for performing DIY treatments. I will say that while it IS possible to do so, it is anything but easy. There can be treatment concerns that you would not be prepared to address lacking the necessary experience. There will be places on your face ( neck, under chin, eyebrows, upper cheeks ) that you yourself will not be able to insert into to perform electrolysis. It takes time to learn to do reversed movements in a mirror . I have had at least one client invest over $900 in an apilus seior, only to lose confidence in their work and the idea to be shelved. I know of very few people who have been able to see a DIY process through to completion ( and I think all of them have gone on to become professional electrologists).

The apilus junior is a fine machine, assuming it works, and not often, but on ocasion they can come up that cheap. My advice on my first post stands, learn how to do a bubble test and egg white test. These will tell you if you are buying someones broken junk or a working machine.The junior is in fact quite a few years newer than the sequentium 328. But you dont know if it works, so, TEST IT! I started my electrolysis on a Apilus of around the same age as the junior.

As for calibration, this only needs to be done if the machine is NOT working properly. For $100 I would run not walk before someone else buys it . It’s very likely to be worth the chance taken.


Thank you guys,
Seana I’m well aware of all of that, as I’ve been over it and tried with my electrologist & my partner when home is more than willing to help me conquer these difficult areas. Thank you so much, you’ve upped my confidence just knowing of your success.
I have 100% confidence in my follow through as with this it’s either do it or die trying, the extent of the hair is astronomical and the repercussions from not having this done, have placed me somewhere mentally where I cannot cope, I’ve become a bad mom, a bad partner and a recluse and suicidal, until I found electrolysis and I started to see results.

My hope is that with great confidence in a few years after I’m done myself, my kids will be old enough that I can travel back and forth to the city to do the course to offer services to others because I am passionate about it and I know just how awful the effects can be on ones life. Although where I live it is unnecessary to be certified, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it as a job unless I was.
Thank you guys again, I am trying to get the apilus as we speak and am going to pass up the sequintem 328
100 bucks is worth the chance all day to me :slight_smile:

and for the record as a born female with this problem my whole life, I can say with 100% certainty I would take layers upon layers of scars over the amount of facial hair that I have let alone other body parts.
There isn’t many things I wouldn’t trade this in for, I have very beautiful thick hair on my head, and I would trade being completely bald and having to wear a wig if only to be rid of it on my face!

I was a single mom with 3 kids, one with autism who was only in school 3 hours a day when I started doing electrolysis. I would put my son on a van and start to work every single day and work at my pace until he was home. It took months to see progress but it slowly paid off indeed.Stick to blend for the face.But have confidence. You CAN do it. No scarring needs to happen.The first time you see the little lye crust forming on the probe you’ve got it exactly right. Keep doing that.

thank you Seanna! <3

Wish I could come help you MomofThree. I understand the need to be rid of the facial hair. Hugs from Kansas!