Silhouete Tone Servo Blend SB-8

Hi there, I’m sort of in an urgent need of getting information about the Blend settings on this machine.

I’m a recent graduate out of Aesthetics College + Electrolysis. However, I was taught on the ST 250…
I’ve contacted Silhouete Tone, and they replied with a “Give me your address and I’ll try to get you a PDF but it might be a hard copy.” a week ago. I understand the Electrolysis and Thermolysis settings, but I just started a new job where my boss happens to have this super old machine that she doesn’t actually know how to operate.

I was wondering if anyone out there could help my situation?

You would be better off waiting for the hard copy to arrive. This may be controversial, but I would snub that old epilator and not worry about instructions and encourage your boss to at least get a used Sil-Tone VMC. It’s easy to use and I’m sure it will be more comfortable for the client. You are putting yourself at great disadvantage starting out under these constraints.

Anyone who has hosted me over the years knows that I bring my stuff with me, and other than maybe using their treatment table, I don’t use anyone else’s stuff. I would not compromise my work in that manner.

At the very least, you need to bring in your own machine that is the same one you trained on, if that is the one you are most comfortable and knowledgeable working on. I would only want to work on some one’s machine if they had something that was the same or better than my equipment. Even then, I would be working on getting good at using that unfamiliar equipment, and so I would not want to work on paying customers until I was good at it, with that equipment.

If it is at all possible, leave your employer to cleave to the old reliable past, and you get yourself a good modern set up. If nothing else, when, and if you move on, the clients will follow you, as they will rebel when the old sparky is rolled out of the closet, and they have become accustomed to your modern equipment, and the feel of increased comfort that it represents.

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