Silhouet-Tone Servo Blend or Apilus Cleo 128 Flash

First of all hello to all board members :slight_smile: I am planning to buy a electrolysis machine and I got two pretty good offers. I think. One being the Silhouet-Tone Servo Blend (500$) the other is the Apilus Cleo 128 Flash (1100$). The latter being more modern and I guess superior, does anyone have experience with the Servo Blend? Is it any good? I’m not a professional, I want to buy it to remove hair from my back and shoulders. I will hire a professional though. The question is basically if it would be worth spending more money to get either better or faster results or if in the hands of a ‘pro’ it doesn’t really matter. Thanks for your help !
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From what I’ve found the Servo Blend is quite dated,
( ) but I can’t assess if that really matters considering the progress they made with these machines.

The servo-blend is quite dated. They were popular up here in canada and I came accross quite a few of them on kijiji and almost bought one.Nothing wrong with them, they are capable of all three modulations of blend. It might be difficult to get one serviced now but TES should carry the parts. If you arent paying much for it it could work just fine, but I would think it is too old to use regularly in a practise.
The Cleo was “beginners” machine often bundled with some electrolysis courses up here. I havent heard anything bad about them, but they too are a few years old ( though not as old as the servo-blend) . It’s more suited to the small cinic that may do a few hours of electrolysis a week I think. Check to make sure it’s not thermolysis only and does blend and galvanic too I havent looked up the specs on it.

Most pro’s will already have a machine they are comfortable working with. I’m not sure why you would buy older equipment for someone to use that would likely have their own professional grade machine?


I’m a German guy but I currently live in Bulgaria. Wages here are very low which means that I can afford paying a cosmetologist to treat me after work at my place. Unfortunately it also means that most of the ladies (here virtually no men work as cosmetologists) can not afford a machine of their own or open their own salon.

The reason I want to go down this route is that I will move to the US soon where I would probably pay 4-5 times as much per hour. Plus at my place I have Wi-Fi and I can work on my laptop, at least during some sessions. I will need many many hours of treatment…afterwards I will just sell the machine again for less :slight_smile:

Hi Fox,
Have you actually tried any pros in Bulgaria and found someone you are happy with? I think this would be the more important first step. I am Bulgarian, but I live in the UK. From what I have heard from my Bulgarian clients, it might take you a while to find someone you are happy with.

Zdrasti Gergana :slight_smile: Well to be honest, it is difficult enough to find someone who wants to take my money. I found this webpage: and the search query for Sofia and electro epilation returns 50 hits. Unfortunately after having checked on about half of the salons, they either don’t really have the proper equipment, or are out of business, or after showing up there in person have no experience and are not willing to try.

I am still on it, with the help of my friends because my bulgarian is still shitty to say the least. So if any of your friends or customers have a referal for a cosmetologist in sofia I’d be happy to take that up.