any females have luck with lasering their sideburns? i’m thinking about doing it <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

I would suggest electrolysis on the sideburns, as it is a small and confined area. A proficient electrolysis will succeed in removing this hair with the understanding that this removal is proven to be permanent.

If you have darker hair and the proper laser, operated by a good technician you could have very good results. I am currently seeing a client who was “lased” on this area and now I am in the process of picking off a few gray and light hairs left behind, with electrolysis. I have only one client to tell you about, hardly a large sample to show repeated results that are positive,so take that into consideration, please. There are laser consumers who complain about laser stimulating more hair to grow, also. So the decision is yours.

Using electrolysis for this area is very easy and not too time-consuming. Like laser,you still need to get through those three hair growth cycles that range from 9-12 months before permanency is yours,and electrolysis has demonstrated a much higher rate of being permanent for over 130 years.


i would advise you to stay away from laser hair removal. i had my face done (sideburns too), and i have been beating myself up every day for the last two years. it was the biggest mistake i have made in my life. hair not only grew ALL back, but also coarser and darker, like a man’s beard. the overall appearance of my skin is very bad too. acne, dry, more fragile skin and i think it aged my skin in an accelerated rate in just a few months.