Side Effect Question Pls Help

I underwent my 5th vasculight IPL treatment for my upper lip yesterday. Almost immediately afterwards my skin started to blister up and leak some sort of fluid. Today, it is also swollen. This also happened to me last time without the swelling. It was mostly clear in 3-4 days and pretty much gone by 1 week. I am concerned about permanent damage to my skin if this keeps happening. Could somebody please tell me if those side effects are normal and if they are going to permanently damage my skin if it continues to happen?

She went over my upper lip twice. Once with a small crystal for the fine hairs and once with a larger crystal for the coarse hairs (or the other way around, I don’t know). The treatment fluence was 38 j/cm2.


sthSdePimp, it sounds like you are being burned. Blisters which “leak” clear fluid (sounds like plasma??) are a sure sign of skin burns. Does your therapist realise you are experiencing this?? If it is happening while you are there (which I rather suspect it might?) she/he should see this and lower the treatment levels. If you are experiencing leaking weeping blisters, there is always a chance of permenent scarring, which you definitely don’t want, especially on your face!
I would be asking some serious questions of your therapist if I were you, and demanding some answers. I would also be changing therapists!
Practitioner skill is every bit as important as the type of laser used, and in the wrong hands can cause serious damage.
I’m not trying to scare you, but honestly - I would not be letting this person near your face if she has burned you twice already. Find someone who knows what they are doing, and if I were in your position I would be putting in a formal complaint at the place you were done, and see what they have to say for themselves. You could be entitled to some compensation or something - not sure, but definitely let them know you are not happy.
Good luck,