sick and tired of being ashamed...plz help


hey everyone im new here and im sick and tired of not even wanting to take my shirt off anymore!!! I havent swam or even taken a bath for years because im so embarissed of my chest and back hair! I will do ANYTHING to get rid of it! To make things worse I met this really really incredible girl on a cruise in hawaii, we have been going out for almost 6 months. Thing is she has a pool and a spa, and sometimes I’ll come over and shes in the spa…She is so beautiful and I want to get in with her, she says I should but im so ashamed of my body hair wise, from that day on i have realized that…I AM SICK OF THIS!!! >_< I DONT WANT TO LIVE UNDER THIS BURDEN ANYMORE!!! I dont understand why im the only one in the family or entire family including cousins, uncles, ext that has so much damned hair on my body. WHY ME??? My brothers are hairless!! I dont understand…anyway I’ll get to the point. I am looking for the best method to possibly remove this hair permanantly of for a very long period of time, if anyone here knows a stable, safe and suitable method of hair removal I would greatly appreciate to hear of it. Experiences, Trial and Errors and recomendations are all welcom and help immensly! Thank all of you that reply.


I’m no expert, but why don’t you wax in the mean time to get your life in order for a couple of weeks at the time?
Have you ever tried laser or flashlamp? It might produce longer term results than just waxing.
Then you could do electrolysis in between sessions to catch all the hair in the growth stage the first time. It takes time and money in the long run, but it pays to get your life back in order in the long run too. In the mean time, short term solutions will save you from depression and insecurity. Don’t let these things overtake you. Also, make priorities for yourself. That girl may not even care for the hair so much. Most women don’t at all mind chest hair. You’re a man and it’s inherent for men to be more hairy. So if you really don’t like it, than start from the back, but don’t drive yourself too crazy over it, because most males have some hair on the back, however thin or light.

Good luck and don’t despair. Your situation is not so bad, and little by little, it will only get better.