Showing my work...

Sept 8 2016 while working with the firm previous to where I am now, I started a case that proved to be my most extensive facial hair removal on a cis female ever. A client presented to me with what can only be decribed as a full beard, thicker and denser than any other I have treated, even those belonging to males. She had been plucking the hairs and had a face full of ingrowns ( that took months to extract them all) and the thickest densest facial hair I have seen to date. I quoted her at the time, between 100 and 150 hours over a MINIMUM of 18 months. I could not give a more accurate estimate than that until months later when I knew more on the numbers.

Between Sept 8 2016 and feb 10 2017 I performed, according to my fasitidiously accurate records, 41.5 hours of electrolysis. She routinely bought 10 hour packages.

So how is this client doing now? well since february we’ve watched the hair continue to dwindle, and we’ve performed a further 33.5 hours of electrolysis, primarily with Synchro Thermolysis for a total of 75 hours in 14 months.

She’s still a client.She still has hair. The difference is the reduction, where as it took 6 months to get what I would consider a first full clearance, I now clear her face of all the bothersome hair ( she still has some blond wispies that dont bother her and she has always delayed me in treating) but for the dark course hair that was the reason she came to me initially, I clear all of the remaining hair in 20 minutes or less. Exactly on schedule. Looking at the numbers, and length of treatment, I expect in a month or two when we are completely finished, the total is going to be 90 hours total or less.Well ahead of the 150 I originally quoted her.

If this were a transperson, I would not have had to do as much work. There would not have been as much hair except in the most extreme cases.

I’m pretty freaking happy with the results. It’s not often I get to see a case all the way to completion, but when you do, and the numbers are that good, well I will admit it brought a HUGE smile to my face. It does to hers too.

Keep killing those hairs folks. Keep the faith. I promise the situation is not as grim as it first appears, and you too will be having a smile towards the end too as long as you keep up that persistence.