Shouldn't appointment length be decreasing?

Hi everyone,

I have really committed to electrolysis but I am starting to question if it will ever work for me. I have been getting electrolysis on my face weekly since the end of August. I have a one hour appointment once a week. Of the 60 minutes, at least 45-50 minutes is on my face (I have started work on other areas). After over 25 appointments (almost 20 hours on my face), should I not be seeing a major difference in the time needed? I was hoping to be able to go less frequently or at least for less time.

By this time, hasn’t every (dark) hair had the chance to be treated? I am left feeling that specific hairs are being treated multiple times with no results.

I am unable to leave the house by appointment day because the hair on my face is so bad.

I have had bad experiences at the other two practitioners I have tried.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

If by now you do not have the absolute certainty that the problem can be solved, it is undoubtedly because something is being done wrong.

In 6 months (even if the chosen strategy is “only anagen”) ALL terminal hairs should have been eliminated, and if the sessions last the same time is because your electrologist should be working on fine hairs to prevent future developments from fine to terminal hair.

Before first session. Full clearing (December 2012)

Before second session. Full clearing.(March 2013)

Before third session. Full clearing. (June 2013)

Before fourth session. Full clearing (November 2013)

Note: This woman had not touched the hairs from weeks before the start of treatments.

Amazing and wonderful Jossie!

If ONLY more clients wouldn’t fiddle with the hairs. Still, I don’t think there is ONE woman in So. Cal. that would allow her hairs to just “grow out.” If they would I certainly could GET THEM in record time.

But no, I have to deal with endless tweezing, sometimes shaving, sometimes “whatever” that drives me nuts. HALF of the appointments they make, I can’t get the hairs because they are shaved too short (or tweezed) to even see!

“I’m sorry, but I had an engagement last night, I ‘had to tweeze’!” Yep! Merda!

I would think by now you would see a major reduction. Do you feel any tweezing when she pulls out the hairs? Did you tweeze a lot before starting treatment? I would visit other electrologists for sample treatments and see how you do.

aha hahahaha Yes, Mike, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve felt the urge to scream, “Mierda, mierda, y mierda!!”.

The degree of commitment to this girl is well above the average. She had a few difficult months, but everything is already forgotten. Her tenacity and sacrifice has been amply rewarded. I still get excited when I see the pictures of “after”, but you know, I’m “easy tear”.
Curiously, the tears of joy come to me more easily than those of sadness.

This is not the strategy I follow with most of my clients woman face. But as you have said on more than one occasion, personal circumstances impose the choice of strategy. This woman lives in one of the British Isles.

Lovely work Josefa. I’m currently presented with a bit of a dilemma on my cheeks. I have let them grow out since december. I now have a bunch of telogen hair. They are all blond at the base. I cant see the follicle properly . I’m now tempted to shavbve them and come back to them when they come back as anogen, just because I can see the follicle better.