Should you shave before LHR ?


I have recently had few consultations for laser hair removal and in some cases I was told the area is shaved just before the treatment with laser when other practitioners told me not to shave the area for at least 4 days prior to treatment.
I am not sure who is right or wrong…if it makes any difference to shave or not.
Can anyone advise me on that, please.

Either is right.
Some prefer to see the hair and shave it for you, and some prefer you to do the job so they can save some time.

Thank you for your answer.
The second specialist I saw seemed to say it was not needed to shave the area at all. The hairs should be zapped by the laser and will fall either during treatment or within 10 days after treatment. So I wanted to make sure shaving the area is not making the treatment less effective.

It may depend on the laser too. With the Apogee you could shave 2 or 3 days before treatment. With the Lightsheer you have to shave as close as possible the night before.

Shaving makes the laser treatment more efective and lessens the chance of burning.

With the Aurora you are supposed to shave before the first 3 treatments, but ot the fourth so the practitioner can observe regrowth patterns.


Thank you for you response.
I didn’t pay attention to the brand of lasers used. I will call back and ask.

I have the same question about the Altus Coolglide. I had my first treatment with this machine on several areas two weeks ago. The practicioner shaved some areas, but not others.

If the laser is attracted to the darker pigmentation of the hair, isn’t it best to rid as much of the growth above the skin as possible so that the laser is only attracted to what’s beneath the skin (like the root!)?

My most recent Lightsheer experience she said to shave 2 days before. Once at the appt., she marked the areas and shaved me. That way she knows what to target…

1st Lightshear laser treatment today of face and brazillian, and was told to shave before it. I shaved last night, but still had stubble that burned today…But all in all was a good experience.

You should always shave before treatment. The laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair, so if the hair is sticking out of the follicle, that’s where the laser energy will be absorbed first, singeing the hair, possibly burning the skin, and missing the target bulge in the follicle, or possibly tattooing the skin. Sometimes hair growth is necessary in order to take a pre-treatment photo, or towards the end of treatment series to assess progress. If the tech is using the Aurora on blonde or white hair, then shaving is not entirely necessary, but still recommended. :wink:

I had lightsheer and was told not to shave at all so she can see where to do it at. I still have scabbing and its 3 weeks later… and my pores on my legs are big and red still… its so annoying… could this have been prevented if she told me to shave? She todl me to have them at least like 3 days long hairs.