Should it look like nothing has been done at all?

Hi, I went to a clinic where they perform thermolysis and had a consultation. The woman asked if a wanted to test beeing treated to see how it feels. She removed some hairs from the front of my shoulder. I didn’t feel anything when the nedle was inserted but then there was a little sting from the electrisity and the hair came out.
But the woman said that each hair must be treated 5-10 times before its gone and she said that if i get treated like every week and then every second week for about three months the hairs would be gone. I don’t want to treat large hair covered areas, I just want to clean up sparse hairs and thereby make the hair line from my chest more regular.
By the way, a have two small dots/swellings on the area I was treated and they have a red very small dot at the top - is this a normal reaction and will it resolve?

What you describe is fine.

Many electrologists tell clients that it may take 5 to 10 treatments per hair so that their expectation of treatment is in line with the reality of their visual experience. In fact, all hairs can be treated once and be gone for good, if, and only if, the hairs are properly treated during its growth phase, and is treated with the proper treatment energy, and a proper insertion. Most clients never understand in the early stages that 60 to 80 percent of their hair has not come into growth phase when they have their first appointment.

The range of post treatment experience runs from pink or red skin to small red whelts, to angry red, swelling, with our without scabs.

Ok, I see. So instead of explaining everything about hair cycles etc (which some people maybe wont believe) they just say that a hair must be zapped 5-10 times.

So my two dots are a normal reaction and will be resolved?

Also, is it supposed to hurt that little as it did for me? It was like a very small sting. Maybe one can turn up the power.

I don’t find electrolysis that painful either. It hurts more on the upper lip than it does on my chin/sides so I guess that where you’re having it done is just not that sensitive. Just feels a little ‘hot’ if anything.

Okay, so maybe it’s not supposed to hurt so much. In that case laser hair removal hurts much more than electrolysis.

Dyson, what areas are you treating and have you had good results???

From my experience, reaction/swelling/pigmentation changes will vary significantly depending on body area. I had absolutely zero pain in some areas when undergoing electrolysis. In a couple of areas, the pain got very bad and my electrologist applied some cream (I think it was hydrocortisone) 30 mins before moving to that area to desensitize it. And the cream seemed to work.

On most areas I got treated at (by three different electrologists), I always had some swelling, and in a couple of places, I had my skin actually darken (hyperpigmentation). In one place the darkness subsided after 6 months or so. In another, it has never subsided.

Yet, my last electrologist was a teranssexual (very fair person) who had his beard completely removed with electrolysis many years ago (and feminizing drugs thereafter). It was amazing that she had almost no scarring at all. Just a few minor holes/pock marks in the skin that aren’t even noticeable from more than a couple of feet or so away.

My feeling is that skin pigment changes after electrolysis are more common in darker skinned patients. And I also think it takes more than one kill per hair. Some of mine came back fairer and shorter, and had to be killed several times. In addition, even the best electrologists will make mistakes and treat hairs that are already in shedding mode because it is very hard to tell prior to insertion.

My electrologist suggested waxing an area you want treated bare prior to beginning treatment in order to ensure all hairs that grow back are in growth phase. This seems to be the best way to go for large body areas.

Good luck!

I’m having facial hair done (I’m female). It’s hard to see the effects after only 3 thirty min treatments. I’ve got 4 more booked so will let you know how it goes.