Should I stop??

From what I’ve been reading, using an epilator is going to damage my follicles, and leave me with ugly legs/armpits. I’ve never really had ingrowns on my lower legs - razor burn all of the time when I shaved, but only the occasional ingrown. Now, after a few months of using the epilator (I have the Braun 5270), I noticed a few flat, darker pigmented spots (just a tad darker than my skin color) on my lower legs. I squeezed them gently, and sure enough, out popped dead skin and a looooong hair. I thought epilating was a miracle, because I have dark hair and could never shave close enough under my arms or on my legs to get rid of that shadow and those little black dots . . . but if this is going to wreck my skin, I guess I’ll have to find another solution. So what’s going on here? Am I doing permanent damage, or would this happen with waxing, too?

epilating usually gives people more ingrowns than waxing, so you might be better off switching to that. btw, you can consider laser on your underarms. i had a similar situation and you can see a picture of my underarm on this forum after 6 treatments or so. they only cost $100 each and i don’t have to shave at all basically. No shadow, no ingrowns.

$100 each time for each underarm, or $100 for each underarm in all?

$100 per treatment. each treatment includes both underarms. So the total for 6 treatments spaced 2-3 months apart was $600. Each treatments takes under 10 minutes. I’ve also seen prices of as low as $50 per treatment. The range is usually $50-150.

Thanks! $600 isn’t bad at all, considering how much time and effort underarm care takes up . . . I’ll have to find a place to get it done in my area.

I would most definitely stop.

I’ve done it all, and epilators are a chapter i wish I’d never seen. Even to this day, I’m still dealing with the residual mess that using an epilator left me with. The areas where I last used an epilator are still the most difficult to deal with using electrolysis. They also will induce hyperpigmentation if you go into the sun a normal amount of time. The real sad thing is, that they seem to be growing in popularity. Now, there’s a whole plethora of brands and types out there.

People that start using epilators go through a honeymoon period where the hair is gone, and stays gone for several days, if not a week or so. They can’t believe the results. They say it hurts, but it’s worth it. They usually come back and ask how can they reduce the pain and what’s the fastest epilator that won’t miss hairs. This is where someone else will recommend the Emjoi Optima (or whatever it’s predecessor is called now) or a good Braun. …Then as time goes by, the ingrowns and bumps start setting in. They usually don’t come back to post to the forum after that. Probably because they started shaving again, or they have pursued laser or electrolysis. Learn from them. One thing of overriding importance is this: Whatever hair removal method you use, you must always keep your follicles healthy and normal. If you can’t get rid of the hair permanently, then the follicles must be cared for. Shaving/creams will do this, epilators won’t.

Epilators are very rough on your skin. They just damage the follical to the maximum extent. To the point where it’s fragmented, misaligned, extruded, and distorted. Really, any kind of plucking is not the greatest. And even the best aftercare with Tendskin is not so great; Isopropyl alcohol and large doses of Salicylate are harmful as you may be aware!

One thing I really hated about epilators is the way they make the hair appear when it grows back. Before, the hair was there, but it looked natural. It was just normal hair. After using an epilator, the hair grew back kind of funny and matted. I called it the sasquatch look. It was something I really hated. All that hair is now gone, I should add, due to going with laser then electrolysis hair removal methods. Hopefully you won’t see that.

Toss the epilator in a box and set it out at the next yard sale. I know, I have three sitting in a box somewhere in my garage. Let your skin heal up over time, then look at more sensible options that are available to you.

Good luck.


please do read the FAQs first before starting any laser treatments. you need to do proper research to find a good place with experienced people and effective machines in order to make sure you get the best results possible.

Listen to Mantaray-it describes my experience exactly. I really, really wish I had never tried an epilator. It’s been over a year and I’m still dealing with the mess.

I never met the under arm I could not clear in one sitting if the client was willing and able to take the time to lay there long enough for me to get the job done. You could have First Clearance the first appointment with electrolysis (assuming you find someone that fast and good) and just have treatments once every 4 - 8 weeks after that. Some people spend as little as $500 for full under arms with electrolysis, I don’t know anyone who spent more than $2,500.00

how is epliation any different then waxing/sugaring/tweezing/plucking?

will they all have the same bad effects on the skin and folicle?