Should I shave or wax?

I am a 24 year old male who has a hairy chest, abs, down under, lower back, butt and legs all the way. My upper back and my shoulder back is hair free and so is my shoulder front (what a relief). Now the hair on my body is fine (Im not bushy) but its very dark in color black and this becomes very noticeable on my skin.

However thanks to reading the forums I have made up my mind that I need to go for the smoothness and get rid of the natural fur. Before I was fearing what would the people say, but not anymore (after reading the forum).

My question is that I wanted to know the best way to go about for removing the hair in the places mentioned above? Now I am considering the options of Shaving Vs Wax. Can you suggest me the best option? (Keeping in mind I am not restricted because of the finances)

I am not considering Laser because it is very painful (I had it for my facial hair on the cheeks), for a number of sessions, yet the hair start to come back (after some years). I am scarred more of the pain because the area I would target now is more than half of my body and I cant stand that.
This would also be the same reason why I am not considering electrolysis (but I dont have much knowledge about this only that it hurts the same).


Practically speaking, if finances are not a problem, one would get the most satisfaction from getting electrolysis done, rather than either of the options you are weighing. Treatment sensation is variable, and with the right combination of practitioner skill, and client co-operation, a tolerable treatment experience can be had.

Now back to limiting myself to the options you requested, If pain is an issue, why are you even considering all over waxing? In addition to all over pain, you will find that waxing causes ingrown hairs, break outs of pustules, and can cause the waxed hairs to become thicker, darker, and the follicles to become more plentiful, and distorted. In some cases, the hairs become so thick and deep (and maybe plentiful) that waxing becomes less effective, and eventually, for some people can no longer be done in some areas, as the skin would come off before the deeply rooted hairs would release. This is why you can’t wax your head hair.

Shaving presents a problem of being able to actually reach all the areas you describe, and even if you can do it on your own, or you have someone else do it on a regular basis, you will have to deal with all over itching, possible ingrown hairs, and to a lesser extent, pustules. You will be adding to the all over shaving, the need to give all over treatment for irritation and releasing of trapped hairs.

So, while Shaving and waxing could be done (in that order of preference if limited to those options), Electrolysis would be a better option, if you could join forces with the right practitioner, and get on a regular schedule, because in addition to enjoying a hair free period similar to waxing, electrolysis treatments would actually have an end in sight, whereas shaving and waxing are a lifetime commitment to repeating the process, for as long as you want the look of the results of those processes. With electrolysis, the end result of the process is never needing to repeat the process, while enjoying the look of never having had hair in the treated area for the rest of one’s life.

Good luck in what ever you choose to do.

Hi James,

I value your suggestion greatly. Permanent hair removal has no comparison to Shaving or Waxing and I also know there is no such thing as a pain free experience to the removal of natural hair. I had no idea waxing was this hazardous in the long term. Thou I never had waxing done before thus I had no clue about the possible problems that could come with it. But reading the other threads on the Forum I had the idea of waxing in my mind. But seems I would not go with it.

So what would you suggest should I go for Laser or Electrolyisis? and does an electrolysis session take up the same time as required for a laser sessions?

I also wanted to ask a question regarding Laser treatment (for my facial hair). I am working and end up staying busy most hours of the day. Because of this I sometimes miss out on my scheduled laser appointments. Since my Laser doctor is very busy aswell, missing an appointment (on my part) results in a delay of my due laser session. Sometimes a delay of even 7-8 weeks due to our busy schedule. Does delaying the due laser sessions result in making the process of previous Laser hair removal inaffective i.e. would my hair be back to its normal strength?

Hi agent,

I totally agree with James, electrolysis is the way to go. Unless you don’t mind the maintenance that is required by shaving, waxing, or laser. I totally understand and have myself decided from this forum’s insight to do electrolysis and after experiencing my first appointment, I wish I had done this a long time ago. I just always thought of it as an expense that I couldn’t afford but now I realize, what the heck was I waiting for?! I’ve spent so much money on shavers, creams, waxes, not to mention time out of my day to perform these hair removal methods. It’s ridiculous and I just wish I had started it sooner. I wish you all the best in your decision!

Posting a photo would also help us to determine if laser is good. If the hair is dark/coarse enough it wouldn’t hurt to do laser for a few sessions to get a reduction then switch to electrolysis. The nice thing with laser is that all the hair will fall out so you’ll be hair free during those time periods. Depending on your commitment and financial situation, doing electrolysis from the get go would definitely be better since you can be assured that the hair will be 100% removed where as laser there’s a lot more variables such as machine type, operator skill, hair type, thickness, colour, skin tone, etc.

Shaving and waxing of course are just short term, but depending on what you want it for (such as going on a trip etc) then waxing is 100x better as shaving you’ll see stubble and regrowth a day or so later. Also it’s VERY easy to get razor burn and ingrown hairs from shaving which will be picky and painful. Waxing I have never had an issue with even doing it myself. If you’re going on a trip or something I’d just get a professional wax. Another pain trick too is I had bought this 5% lidocaine spray off eBay before (can’t remember why now). I don’t think it’s good to use in large areas, so what I’d do is take maybe the front of my leg only like ankle to knee and just spray the lidocaine over it and cover with saran wrap then wait an hour or so. I’d then wax that area and would hardly feel anything. You may be able to do larger areas but I know from reading on here that EMLA shouldn’t be used in large areas so that’s why I only did bit by bit but it definitely helps.