Should I shave bleached hairs and get electrolysis on them?

I have some very fine hair growth on my neckline. My hair is naturally black and I made a big mistake and bleached these hairs which has made them even more noticeable. I bleached them about 6 months ago and have waited for the bleach to come off, which has’nt happened. They looked longer the instant I bleached them. I hate looking at them. The light instantly catches them. I want to have electrolysis on them but think they will be difficult for my electroligist to see them. I mean some of the them are tiny. Should I trim them or shave them, so they grow back thier natural colour and then have electrolysis on them. Or should I leave them and see what my electroligist can get out. PLease help and advise. I dont want to do any of the above if they are going to come back worse as I do not want to stimulate even the tiny hairs.
In need of advise.


The problem with bleaching is that the process expands the thickness of the hair shaft. The problem you have is that your electrologist will not be able to see the hair very well to treat it unless they have really good vision equipment.

The reason bleaching makes hairs more visable is because they are now like fiber optic lines and pick up the sparkle from the light all along the shaft. If you find a good electrologist with good vision eqquipment, you can start today. If you can only find people who will need the hair to revert to normal, you will need to shave until the hair returns to normal color.

Shaving doesn’t stimulate hair growth. It feels worse because the shaved end is thicker than the tapered end on an unshaved hair. Light also sparkles more off the large disk like end on a shaved hair, whereas a “virgin hair” has a tapered end that doesn’t have a “point of light”

Thanks for that advise James. My Electrolysis has had a go at the ones she can see and stated that she would not treat the rest as she could not see them. It is a difficult area as the hairs are right beneath the chin area which joins onto the top of the neck. I hope im making sense. Are very fine hairs easier to kill? As I want to be done within the next year. I have never touched these hairs and until they were only stimulated by the laser I had. They came back longer! BIG MISTAKE I KNOW. So I have taken the plunge and shaved the hairs off. I am lucky in one sense in that I am asian with black hair which is easier to see at least to have electrolysis on them. I am currently waiting for the hairs to come back. Thanks again for your time. Ps it is a very small area.

I understand perfectly what you are saying, and where you are talking about. You could get that treated right now if your electrologist had a stereo microscope, but I know that most electrologists in the world don’t have anything close to that level of vision equipment.

You might want to call around and find out what the practitioners in your area are using for vision equipment. Other than that, you will be limited to what your electrologist can see, and reach for treatment. Remind her that it is frequently easier to treat under the neck when one bends the treatment probe to a 45 degree angle and deploys a side-slide-tap of the finger, or wrist motion insertion.

You should be ok now. Good Luck

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