Should I keep using depilatories?

A few years ago I noticed thick dark hairs growing on my neck and under my chin. It didn’t bother me until a really mean guy I work with commented on my “beard” at that point my insecurities about the hairs skyrocketed. About 6 months ago I made the mistake of shaving the hairs. Now I have a whole lot of this coarse prickly dark hairs on my neck. I used veet and it removed the hairs well but I am afraid that I am doing irreversible damage to my neck’s appearance. I had hoped that going on birthcontrol would help a bit but so far nothing. Lately I have been bleaching the hairs. The bleach has lightened them a bit but they are still thick prickly and very noticeable. I am 20 years old with redhair and the typical redhead fair skin so dark hairs really stick out.

Any ideas on if I should stick with the depilatories or would stopping hair removal all together and just bleaching it eventually make the hairs fine again??

(also I can’t afford laser treatment or electrolysis)

Shaving and depilatories don’t impact the hair in any way. The hair needs to be affected at the root for it to change structure. The reason it’s a bit prickly at first is because the hair shaft is thicker in the middle where you’re cutting compared to the end.

Waxing and threading is an option that removes hair with the root, thus avoiding the prickly affect. However, that can make the hair worse over time.

Shaving is still the best method that doesn’t impact the hair.

How many hairs are we talking about? Have you seen an endocrinologist? If it’s a serious amount, you may want to check it out. Being on birth control doesn’t necessarily do anything. There are a few pills that help control growth for some women, but it all varies by individual.

Electrolysis wouldn’t be that expensive if you don’t have a lot of hair. It’d help to know how much you have.

Laser doesn’t work on red hair.

Shaving was not a mistake. You did nothing wrong. Shaving does not affect hair growth. There have been well- conducted studies all over the planet to prove that SHAVING DOES NOT AFFECT HAIR GROWTH. All shaving does is mechanically remove the hair above the skin. Thick hair needs a good blood supply and hormones to stimulate it to grow beyond what is desired. Shaving has nothing to do with the reason why hair grows.

WEET is like chemical shaving. The harsh chemicals in VEET dissolve the hair just a little below the skin line. What is harsh for hair is also harsh for skin. Depilatories can irritate the skin and thus stimulate more hair more hair to grow in order to protect the skin. Ditch the VEET. Give the rest of your VEET to that mean guy and tell him to use it where the sun don’t shine. :mad:

Your thick hairs will not revert to thin hairs. Bleaching will not make thick hairs finer. They need to be removed with electrolysis. Your hair color dictates this. Electrolysis is your only option. LASER won’t work. You should find a way to afford electrolysis if you want relief. Some people get a job or even a second job, some borrow money from a relative and unfortunately, some stoop to using student loan or scholarship money. I have clients who are welfare recipients getting electrolysis and some who use their social security money as well. If you want something bad enough, you would be surprised to find how creative you can be. With that said, if you want to disguise the hair you can bleach, clip or shave. I am not a proponent of anything that pulls the hair out (waxing, threading, sugaring, tweezing)as it serves to make the problem worse over time. If you decide to get electrolysis, FIND SOMEONE WHO HAS UPDATED and WHO CONTINUES HER/HIS EDUCATION. A modern, speedy, efficient electrologist is what you need to get you cleared of all bothersome hairs. Once you are cleared, spacing appointments every 4-6 weeks is all you need for the next 9- 12? -18? months. Anything else, gets frustrating, but it will still work in the end.


I was hoping electrolysis wouldn’t be my only option because not only is there a good 3 square inches of hair on my neck but I’m already in school full time working the hours I’m not in school so a second job isn’t an option nor is a student loan because I’ve already got over 10 grand in loans. Maybe I’ll try clipping it for now. Thank you for your info :slight_smile:

I thought of something else

If I let the hair I shave grow back will it eventually become soft again??

You are very welcome.(What I say next is not to scold you, but is meant for everybody reading this thread, so take no offense, please). Electrolysis is the only hope for relief for cases like yours. For as dedicated and as hard as we work, there is much dread and little appreciation for a hair removal option that has worked exceedingly well since 1868. What if there was NOTHING like this available to you and you knew you had to live with this hair and perhaps a worsening case for the rest of your life? Point is, the good news is - there is a cure for what ails you.

You will be back to the electrolysis option in the future, perhaps with a somewhat bigger problem, including ingrown hairs. Wax pulls out the finer blond hair, thus perhaps stimualting them to grow bigger. I understand your financial situation. I would compare waxing every three - six weeks with electrolysis prices. I have received feedback that my prices are comparable to a waxing session. Difference is, I offer permanent hair removal over “x” amount of months and waxing offers temporary hair removal over a life time. Again, shaving, clipping and bleaching are better for you at the moment.

Yes, if you shave and then let the hair grow out completely again, it will be the same as it was before.

3 square inches can be removed in a 30-60 min session of electrolysis. You only need that session done once every 4 weeks or so for the course of a year. If you can save up $60-70 per month to do this, I think you will be very happy in the end. You can clip and shave in between.

Btw, keep in mind that you’ll likely develop more hair in the next few years. You’re 20 and are in the prime age for this until your late 20s.

All electrologists I’ve visited took credit cards.

I did some research on local electrolysis places and most are $70-$90 an hour so not toooo bad for me to manage :slight_smile:

Hey GingerKidd,

3 square inches is a breeze for someone like Dee and others with the best equipment. I agree that with the slower methods it would be a pain, so just do as Dee suggested if you look around and look for someone with top of the line equipment and experience to match. J

Make sure to do research using our tips and sampling several electrologists before you commit to one to get the best results. We can help. You should provide your location as well.

And yes, it’s totally worth it.

Im fron Jacksonville, FL any help with finding a good place is appreciated :slight_smile: my grandmother offered to pay for my electrolysis :slight_smile: so I’m very excited that I can get it