Should I keep doing laser?

Hello all. I’m new, but it seems people are very knowledgeable here, so I’m hoping for some advice.

I have had laser done on my nipples and neck, 6 times at one spa, and then another 9 times at another. It seemed to be going well, as the settings were high enough that is really hurt, and the hair would not grow back (at least for the 4 weeks until the next session). I’ve taken a break from laser now, and in the 3 months since my last treatment, the hair on my nipples and neck has grown back. The nipple hair is definitely thinner so that’s good. And so is the neck hair, but it seems that there is more hair on my neck now than there was at the start! I saw some threads of induced growth, so now I’m wondering if that happened to me. I am Indian so I have medium brown skin and black hair.

I’ve attached pics, so I’m hoping some of the experts on here can give their opinion on whether I should continue lasering or maybe switch to electrolysis? Thanks!!

At first I thought these were your “before” photos. I guess not!

15 treatments and this is what you have?

I would go back to the clinic and scream bloody murder. Such a case, as you present, would be pathetically easy with electrolysis. For example, I would estimate 5 - 7 hours (total) for your neck (with permanent results).

This STINKS! Get your money back!

Thanks for the advice! Yeah, this is pretty disappointing not to mention expensive.

I forgot to mention that I did have 4 or so electrolysis treatments on the nipples, and yet I still have the hair in the photos, but maybe I just need more? I haven’t had electrolysis on the neck. I guess what’s clear though is laser isn’t working for me.

Would interested if Michael or anyone else has additional thoughts.

Four electrolysis sessions on the nipple are is not enough. It takes 8 - 12 full clearings, spaced out over 9 - 18 months, if you want to keep the area looking like you never grew hair there.

You can do three full clearings spaced out every four months, too, but there will be hair growth that is present for longer periods of time.

These are a couple of strategies. I do the first strategy.

Thanks Dee. Just so I’m clear, you’re saying 3 clearings over 12 months is just as good as 8 to 12 clearings over 9 to 18 months? The only disadvantage to the former is that you’ll see regrowth in between? But both will result in no more hair by the end?

You have to discuss such a strategy with your electrologist. Don’t make the mistake of doing 3 clearances every 4 months and expecting results because you might just waste time and get disillusioned with electrolysis. Most electrologists don’t achieve the necessary high kill rate with each clearing for this 3 clearing strategy to work. That’s why the breakdown of 8+ clearances over the year+ is preferred because with so many clearances follicles get damaged with each session.

Thanks for all the responses. I started electrolysis and it’s going well so far.

I am still confused about how often to go. It seems the consensus on here is to go 8+ times over a year+ to be safe/conservative. This equates to about once every 6 weeks. My electrologist said I should come every week to 3 weeks though.

Every week to 3 weeks seems a lot given that not much hair will grow back over that time. I don’t care if there is visible regrowth while I am waiting for my next appointment. I just want to minimize the number of trips I have to take to the electrologist. So is it safe to say every 6 weeks is a good sweet spot?

Are you getting full clearances each time (meaning, all the hair is removed in the areas you want hair-free permanently)? Whatever schedule you stick to, make sure of that. Every week or 2 weeks might be too frequent though.

Yes, full clearances each time. I’ve only gone once so far and little to no hair has grown back yet.