should I go for my next treatment yet?

I’m a 41-year-old man with white skin (type II) and dark hair, which is coarse on my face. About 4 weeks ago I had (diode) laser hair removal on the front of my neck for the first time. I’m happy with the results so far - almost all the hair has shed - but I was told to come back for the next session after 4 weeks, yet it will be 4 weeks tomorrow and there’s still no regrowth. Does it make sense to go back now, and be charged for a full session, when all they’ll be removing is probably some missed hairs? Or is it OK to wait a week (or more) longer?

I only stopped shedding just recently, and have noticed from shaving, waxing, lasering, and IPL’ing other areas that my hair seems to grow very slowly.

You should wait till you have enough hair. 2-4 weeks more.

To follow up, I went back after 5 weeks (from the original treatment on the front of my neck), but was told that there wasn’t enough regrowth, so I should come back 2 weeks later. Two weeks later (i.e., 7 weeks after the 1st session), there still wasn’t enough hair, so I told to come back 3 weeks after that. Finally, at 10 weeks from my first session (when I was told I should return after 4 weeks), I had my 2nd, but even then the hair wasn’t that thick. Either I got really lucky with my first treatment or my hair grows very slowly.

Can you please tell me at what settings you are treated in first session…like Joules,fluence and the spot size of machine?

It was a Lumenis LightSheer Duet. I have no idea what settings were used the first time, but I noticed during the second session that at one point it was set to 22J/sq cm and another it was 26J/sq cm. However, those settings were observed while the machine was being used on my arms, not my neck.