should i get electrolysis?


Im a black male at the age of 19 and like 80% of black males I get in grown hairs. Ive needed to shave on a regular basis for two years and my hair does not grow that thick. My hair has been growing at the same rate since I was 17. Because I use tend skin and pluck in grown hairs on a daily basis my neck is still relatively smooth. And ive been thinking about getting electrolysis for a while.I was wondering if you people can answer some questions I have.

  1. Ive read here that people been using electrolysis for many years does this mean hair removal is not permanent?
    2.Hair I want removed is on my neck and lower check are these hairs typically hard to remove?
    3.How long can I expect for the hair on my neck and lower check permanately removed.
    4.How long does it usually take people to notice results?
    5.Once process begins does the hair grow thinner and thinner till it doesnt grow back?


It is my experience that without electrolysis you will not be able to maintain smooth skin free of pits and hyperpigmentation. You may even develope keloids if you don’t rid the area of the hairs that are painfully growing back into your skin.

  1. electrolysis effects permanent hair removal. How quickly one gets to the point of needing no further treatment depends on the size of the area being treated, the speed of the practitioner doing the work, and most important, the frequency of treatments (the client must show up and put in the time)

2.The neck and lower check are very popular places to remove hair on men. Even the most macho men like to have the hair from the neck up to the jaw line removed so they can avoid ingrown hairs, and “cherry neck” irritation from shirt collars, and wearing ties.

3.The speed at which the hair is removed depends on the factors already discussed above. Once the hair is removed, (keep in mind there are growth cycles and each must be treated) you will have no more hair growing there.

4.When I work on someone like you the client usually has the bare skin desired in 3 to 12 hours of treatment, which usually takes place in the same week that we begin treatment. After that, we just keep it clear by treating hairs as they come in before they are noticeable to the naked eye. A client who keeps appointments as scheduled would look finished from that first week.

5.The hair doesn’t grow back thinner and weaker, it just doesn’t grow back. The only thinner and weaker hairs are those that were not totally treated the first time, and those that were not treated, but have received collateral damage from previous treatments.

Now go out there and find someone who is really good, and get it done once and for all. A good practitioner with newer machines like the Apilus machines, and the Silhouet-Tone VMC will be comfortable and effective enough to do large areas in short periods of time, without undue discomfort.


James gave you some great advice! I would only add that male facial hair is the hardest hair on the body to remove permanently, so it may take a while. Most men just concentrate on the areas where they get ingrowns, especially the neck. Getting them now is your best bet for keeping your skin looking good and avoiding the dark spots and raw bumps that some guys get. Going to an experience practitioner is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Your choice of electrologists will have a HUGE impact on your results. Be sure to shoose verty carefully, OK? :smile: